Do you want to learn how to be a soft seller?


Having a home-based business you are drawn to do a lot of different kind of people. You need to know how to express yourself and get others to see what you see.

Look here and see what I have come up with in ways to help you be a better communicator and a soft sell, and I will tell you that you will have people flocking on your heals.


How to Sell Using the Right Questions

A recent study by “The Sales Career Training Institute” said that the typical salesperson can spend way to much time pitching and not enough time asking the right questions. I can definitely relate to that.


When was the last time you tried to sell someone something and all they wanted to do was to run as far away from you as they could get. Or, I bet you are one of those people who can just open their mouth and people flock your way, right.


The study reveals that top salespeople know how to ask the right questions, they soft sell to:

1. Get prospects curious
2. Successfully handle sales objections
3. Lead prospects to close the sales quickly

Do you want to know the steps? OK since you said yes.


First of all you need to make your prospect feel like you care.


Many people long simply to be heard and understood. By focusing on your prospects and their problems through questions, you will show that you genuinely care about hearing their problems. And you should genuinely care, because you want to find out as much information as you can about their problems, especially how they perceive their problems.
Introduce yourself and thank them for giving you their time and sharing their struggles with you.


Next, use a lot of questions!


Don’t assume that you fully understand their problems. You need to ask questions at the right time about the right things in order to get the information you need to make the sale, or else you might lose credibility and lose the sale forever.

Ask questions that make your prospect aware of the consequences of their action or inaction.
At the end of the day, you will not be able to push your prospects into the sale. This is what most salespeople try to do. Don’t be the pushy know-it-all; people tend to resist even more. You must use questions not only to find out about your prospects’ problems but also to make your prospect aware of the consequences of their action or rather inaction, that is, what could happen to them if they don’t buy your product.

Remember that all questions aren’t equal.

There are two basic types of effective sales questions. Trigger questions: these are open-ended questions, questions that require them to respond with a relatively complex answer rather than a simple yes or no. Your goal is to get them talking.

• Examples are: Can you tell me more about??
• Can you be more specific??
• Can you give me an example??

Then you have Floater questions: Floater Questions enable you to ask hypothetical what-if questions that may help you to ask what might otherwise be uncomfortable questions to your prospects.

• Let’s say ____, then what happens next??
• Let’s pretend ________ then would you??
• What would you say if???
• What would you do if???
• Would you buy today if???

Again, what you are doing is feeling your prospect out by putting them in a hypothetical situation. They will give you at least some idea of how much they are willing to spend, or what is important in the negotiation for them, or how close to buying they are.

Here are some final tips to help in making a “Soft Sell”

• Give them all the information he or she needs.
• Don’t focus on selling: focus on helping with their problem.
• Make it easy for the customer to get in.
• If you do not have the product or service the customer needs — help him or her find it.
• A sales program is concerned with three questions you must answer: (a) what are you selling?, (b) who are you going to sell it to? and (c) how are you going to sell it? Answer those and your program will sell itself.



Selling Through the Use of Email


Sharing your story through blogging can be a very healthy and emotional struggle. I want you to think of as many ways as you can that you can help others.

Selling through an email list can be just an extension of your blog.  You do not have to blow up their inbox and harp down their neck.   They will unsubscribe and complain.  Your goal is not that!  You want them to bookmark your name and look for it when they open all the others.   That is soft selling.


Easing people in as a soft sell is kind of like spreading warm butter on toast. If you try to spread the butter directly from the fridge it is not smooth sailing and you will break it up and not get your best result.


Remember your list you made earlier? What do you think now about being able to blog and make money from soft selling your own business.


Check out the link below.

Soft Sell



P.S. Give me a comment and let me know what you thought of my findings.

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