I want to know if you have an obsession about Shoes?


Anything in particular that grabs your eye when you walk by it? Well for me and my Daughter its shoes. No matter if you need them or not you just seem to find one or two that you just cannot live without.


I want to share with you two great online shopping sites to help you buy more shoes, if the feeling gets too strong and you have to have them now.


“Yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again.
Robert A. Heinlein”

  1. Zappos

    What better place to look for shoes online that this spot. If you can buy shoes online then you have a large variety and all shapes and sizes available.

    Not sure what you are looking for? Or if you even really need them. Well I can tell you if you are like me, then I am sure you will find something here.

    Click Here to Learn More About Zappos

  2. Zulily

    I wanted to share this website with you because it has a great layout and selection. Again I am sure you will find something here to buy also.

    Are you looking for boots, sandals, clogs, tennis shoes. What do you like to put on your feet?

    Have you looked in your closet lately?

    I dare you to go and count how many shoes you really own and let me know in the comments below. I bet it will surprise you.

    Click Here to Learn More About Zulily


Do you have a temptation that you just cannot overcome?


It’s not a bad thing, I think its kind of fun and healthy all at the same time. It’s like it grabs a hold and says “Hi come and get me”.


Does it call your name when you see it on your screen or when you walk into the store. I find myself buying more than I need and then finding myself tripping on them all over the house.


You never know where the ones that you really want to wear are, because they never seem to end up in the same place. Or how about find a pair that match? Then the hunt begins again.




I want to ask everyone to tell me what is their favorite pair of shoes and why?


  • Do you like tennis shoes?
  • Do you like Sandals?
  • Do you like Boots?
  • How about high heals?
  • Flats?
  • Leave me a comment, it will be fun to see the difference.

3 thoughts on “What I Learned From Shoes

  1. I do have a favorite pair of shoes – the ones I’m wearing now, because they’re brilliant royal blue tennis shoes. I love colorful shoes, but I only buy one pair until I need to replace them.

    I actually enjoy Velcro strap tennis shoes. Never come untied or a tripping hazard or a cat plaything.

    I once had a manager who was telling a bunch of us that you can tell men who have a prison history because they wear Velcro shoes. I hiked my leg to show her my Velcro shoes. She was speechless the rest of the morning.

    1. Oh, that’s good when you can stump the speaker. Velcro is a great invention, until everything gets stuck to it or it sticks to everything else. Thank you for the comment.

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