Struggles, how many can you coop with at one time?


Struggles can come in many forms and in many ways. How many can you handle at once is truly all up to you. Do you sit down and cry, or do you get up and face the world to show them who you are and how strong you can be?


I want to share with you what my last year was like and how I handled it. As you can see I am still here and life does go on. I will tell you that I do not ever want to do the year 2014 over.  But I had those struggles and that is what has made me who I am.


The year started out with trying to figure out my finances. I was getting frustrated and uncomfortable with where I was. Not sure if it was from being overworked, bills piling up, other employees getting me down or what for sure; but I knew that I needed a change to turn my life around and bring in some happiness.


You want to know where I went to look?


Everywhere! You know the usual places, the newspapers, Craigslist, web sites for other companies. We all have ideas of where to find employment. I created a resume, which looks back on your life. Wow, that is kind of eye opening! Do you feel like you succeeded? Mind you I have been employed for over 30 years now.


As I was dreadfully looking,  I was over qualified here and under qualified there. So, you want to know what I found? A home-based business that centers on Blogging! I thought “that was different”. I know that blogging is becoming very popular now a days so I said, “why not”! This was something so totally different than what I knew, so yes, I was a little scared and anxious at the same time.


So, back to my year of struggles.


About a week after I started my business, we got word that my husband has CANCER. Yes I said that horrible word. It was a shock, no one wants to hear that. So we start in from doctor’s appointment to doctor’s appointment, then a few surgeries. He went through the radiation and skin blisters. Then the chemo therapy that consisted of week-long hospital treatments. It was quite an emotional ride. But that is another story all together.


Another struggle that came with it was my aging parents. I had helped them into a retirement community a couple of years back. Which I will advise all to do, that is a big help all around. But at this moment, I was needed. My father also found out that he too had CANCER, his was not a severe as my husbands, but he still needed surgery. This and other complications sent him to the hospital.


The hard part about having my father in the hospital was my mother. She was his caretaker and companion. There was no way she was going to leave his side. They never go anywhere by themselves. So, she stayed at the hospital with him. Well, here is the problem with that. She would get really tired and her dementia would kick in. Finally; I being the responsible one, had to remove her kicking and screaming. Not something I would recommend to anyone.


My year keeps going.


It seems like when it rains it pours! Right smack in the middle of all of this, my Aunt has a heart attack. Well, my Uncle calls me and said that I was on her Will as the responsible one and I might have to make a decision.


Shocked again!


How was I supposed to even think straight, let alone make a decision?


Then as the year kind of calmed down, My Uncles wife passed away from what else CANCER. It was a sad time loosing a member of the family.


Now that you have heard all that, do you remember that I am still working a full time job, and have a house to kind of keep clean? You know eat, have a clean bed and clothes. The necessities of life!


How did I coop?


I am glad you asked. Remember when I said I started a Blogging Business? Well, that was my saving grace. The good Lord gave me a tool to help me along. I wanted to break the walls that I was building around me and let out the emotional roller coaster I was on.


I learned how to write my story. How to get things out by writing them down, I learned how to express myself and make it fun. Learning how to use social media to reach out and expand your friendships and find the help you need.


This company has been the most inspirational and motivating company I have ever been in. It helps you reach deep down and find what you haven’t felt for a long time. I have met some wonderful people who have found that by being yourself and not letting others get in your way, you can reach any goal you set your mind to and come out on top.


If you have ever worked in network marketing before, then you know the trill it can have. If you want to work for yourself, to have the freedom to live the life you want, and make a lot of money doing it; then what are you waiting for? Click the link below.


Don’t let others tell you what you can or cannot do!


Come and find out who YOU can be and how you can stand up and face your struggles with conviction and pride. Learn how to kick it in the butt and move on. See the link below to learn how to tell you story and show the world how strong you are.


You can be happy!Blogging Business

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