Do you really get excited about accomplishing something only to have it foil to shreds in front of you?


Well that is what happened to me today. I was on a roll, I was getting so many little things done.


There is one check off the list, now another. I wrote out a few transcripts that I was going to share through a video with you and as you can see, I am typing.


I have four devices sitting in front of me and do you think I can get any of them to work the way I want.


Here is what happened and I want to know if you can relate. Think about it and leave me a comment.


First of all…..I started the video player on my computer. It started I was recording along. I thought I finished and went to hit stop but I hit cancel instead. Don’t ask me what happened, but now the camera is disconnected from the machine. Yes, the built in one!


Being the technical person I am, I wasted over an hour trying to get it to work so I could get my video done. Nothing!!!


As that machine was in the process of cleaning I thought I could use the next gadget. My mini Ipad. Well, once I figured out the program it had, I finally got one video done. Replaying it, NO. The lighting was back and being a small screen for capture there was not much I could do with it.


I thought well I have my phone. But holding it still or propping it up against something was quite the trip. No again.


My other tablet is sitting over there, and I have done videos on it in the past, but I figured I had wasted enough time tonight and will get better light tomorrow. So…


I am going to give you some pointers tonight on creating videos.


An Interview Staring The YouTube star Dan Brown

  1. I found an interview staring YouTube star Dan Brown sharing how to make and what items you need to have in making your videos. Here are some of the highlights.1. What tools do you need to make a YouTube video?You basically need a device that can record. One with a stabilizer is preferable unless you want it to jump around.

    2. Is overall video quality as important as the concept?

    I would say yes, you want the person watching it to be able to see you and be able to feel your message. You need to have good lighting and overall good picture.

    3. What are some universal qualities of successful YouTube videos?

    You want your audience to know you are sincere. They want to be able to see how you react and portray what is important. Not just making something up because you think it might get views. When you actually care and put your blood, sweat and tears into it, the audience will recognize and respect you and what you are talking about.

    4. Does the audience need to focus on a single personality?

    People will come back and watch more when they can relate to you and get to know your meaning.

    5. How important is that in building a following?

    You make your videos to help others, you make your videos to share with others. If you didn’t want people to follow you, then you need to ask “why am I posting this”? What is my purpose?
    Are you wanting them to respond? Are you wanting them to share your ideas? Are you wanting a reaction of some kind? That is where your following will come from. Again, What is your purpose?

    6. What are some things to avoid?

    You need to stay focused. Stay on topic. If you drag you point out way beyond what is to be said then you have lost most of your audience.

    7. Is it helpful to define your audience ahead of time?

    We all try to point our content to a certain audience, If you try to talk to too many people at once, then your subject is too broad. Trim it down and get to the point. Your audience will grow.

    To see more of Ben Myers story about how Dan Brown shares his YouTube success. CLICK HERE

    Also a bonus:

    Video Transcript
    How to Make a YouTube Video: Go to, create an account and sign into it. Click the “Upload” button. Choose a video file to upload. Wait for your video to upload. When your video has finished uploading, you will see a link where you can view your video. To edit your video, click “Edit,” then “Enhancements.” Adjust the fill light, contrast, saturation, color temperature. You can even “Trim” and “Stabilize” your video as well. When your video is looking the way you want it to look, share it!



Another place that I have heard of to store your Videos is Vimeo!


In 2004, Vimeo was founded by a group of filmmakers who wanted to share their creative work and personal moments from their lives. As discovered Vimeo they helped build a large supportive community of individuals with a wide range of passions. Today, millions of people from all around the world enjoy Vimeo, and we’re growing bigger every day. They hope this fun and friendly environment fuels your own creativity and inspires you to contribute to Vimeo in the ways that mean the most to you.


Vimeo makes it easy to upload the videos you take. They will accept many different kinds of file formats and give you great tools so you can make sure your videos look amazing. It helps you learn how to create better videos with a video school. You can explore through all the interest groups and join communities within Vimeo.


This is a great tool to have when you want to share your videos with family, friends, and on your blog.

Come and try it out and see what you get out of it. CLICK HERE


Now that I have gotten that out of my system, I want to hear from you!    What troubles have you had from making videos?   I really want to know.  Please share and between us we can all see our smiling faces.



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