Feeling stressed and nothing seems to work


What do you do when the day starts off rough and goes downhill from there?

Do you throw things?

Do you scream?

Do you throw your hands in the air and “I Quit!”?
Do you take your paper and crumple it or rip it to shreds? That actually works by the way!
Do you leave it and let someone else fix it?
Do you stomp your feet and say take me away?


Well, those are all good to do; they do help you feel better. But, then you need to come to reality and get back to the issue at hand. Where do you turn to get things back in order?


You need to feed your brain so when frustration comes you subconscious can take over and get you back on track. Fill you subconscious on a daily basis. Doesn’t take long, about 15 minutes a day, but it has been pr oven to be successful. (Check it out further down to see what I am talking about)


I have a few things to cheer you up, to make you shine again, and let that negativity flow off.



friendsAnimals are always good to help cheer you up, so go find one and play for a while, go for a walk and just think of the peacefulness of having a faithful friend. Know the feeling of being wanted, and trusted that YOU will be there. Ever person needs someone to make them feel wanted and needed in a good way.




Turn on the music player, any kind will do. Just turn it up loud and dance. It doesn’t matter how you dance or if you even dance well. Just get up and move. The energy flow will release and that goofy, fun feeling will replace the stress. It will rejuvenate the brain and the body and help you think of solutions to the problems.



Put your sub conscience to work. The brain is an interesting part of the body. It can process so many things, keeping it filled with inspiration and motivation. This is good for the direction in which you are going and is a good key to have. When the negative stress comes by, kick it out and replace it with reading and listening to positive things. The more positive things that are in there, it will not have room for the negative ones.


my friend



Find a friend, or a group of friends that you can have a social time with. It can be just coffee and conversation. Or even an inspirational meeting. Doesn’t matter as long as you have a good time.


If you like to eat, then invite someone over and nibble while you tell stories. They can be a good listener, or you can just sit and listen to them. Either way it is a good therapy.


Having your life filled with like minded individuals will keep your spirits lifted all the time and you can stay on track. Or better yet they can help you get back on if you shift a little to the left or to the right.


OK; All better now? Good


I wanted to share these with you, because they help me. I have a wonderful group of people that have such a wide array of personalities that there is always someone you can relate to and share with. Click below to hear their stories and you will be amazed at how you too can relate.


Fill your sub conscience with the good so the bad just rolls off.
Come on and hear our stories


P. S. Leave me a comment if these tips helped you in anyway.

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