The Pros and Cons of Country Living


When you think about what your dreams are, one of the first things you come up with is where do you want to live. Where do you want to set down your roots and raise your family? The Country side or The Big City?


For me I didn’t give it much thought at first. This is where I ended up and I stayed. But if I had a choice where would I go?


  1. Why Country Living is so good.

    I grew up on a wheat farm in the upper corner of the United States. It was a wonderful life, I had lots of room to go outside and run or create. The nearest house was about a mile away, even though you could see it on the top of the other hill. The only trees were around the houses, because the land was used for crops.

    There was no internet; no cell phones and we could only get three channels on the television set, so we used our imagination. I spent the summer outside and the winter in my room. I dreamed of being a designer and rearranged it constantly.

    In the nearest little town, if you could call it that, had only a post office, a small store that carried the essentials, and a tavern. It was two miles away, how did I know? Because I had to walk it one day after the activity bus dropped me off and my parents thought I was someplace else. Remember no cell phones.

    It was a great childhood. That is all I knew. As I grew up, what do you do in a small school, but play sports. That took up mornings and afternoons. Evening time was for homework and then you went to bed. What other social time do you need? (lots actually) I lived two miles away from one town; I had an address of another town, and a phone number that was long distance from anyone else in our school. We were kind of mixed up. Try giving directions to delivery trucks, or friends that wanted to pick you up.

    My work experience came from driving truck in harvest. It was a drooling 14 hour day in the heat and dust. I got a lot of reading done, and yes, I know how to drive a large tracker, just ask my kids. Yet another story.

    After graduation it was time for college. My parents wanted me to experience what life was like on my own before I was actually on my own. WOW, did I get an education. The world was a much different place. They were calling me a hick. Didn’t know what that was. I learned how to do a lot of things in my years at college. That’s another story all together.

    I survived, grew up and came home to marry one of my high school boyfriends. Mom was pleased; I stayed in the area where I grew up. I guess I was comfortable here. My kids got to enjoy the small town and country lifestyle that I grew up with. Even though they were not raised on a wheat farm, yet in a small town, it doesn’t compare to the big city. I could let them go out on their bikes without worrying too much.

    I love the Inland Northwest. We get our four seasons. It’s warm in the summer, it has snow in the winter, things are green and growing in the springs, and all the colors come out in the fall. We don’t get the horrible storms like other parts, I don’t know if I would move anywhere else.

    Now a days it seems like people still seem to like the country living. You get the fresh smells, the peaceful sounds, and the privacy when you need it. Your animals can run free, no fence to upkeep. They can bark without disturbing the neighbors. For my husband, he can hunt off the back porch if he wanted to.

    I am a country girl at heart. I like my sweatshirts and flannel. I have my boots and don’t mind the bugs and the dirt. I have always lived in a way that if you need something done, you need to do it yourself. You tend to eat better, because you have to actually make it. It only gets interesting when you are cooking and missing that one ingredient. Well then it needs to be changed or you have a very interesting meal.

    Ok, I’m not quite the hick you might think. Remember I learned a lot in college. I know how to dress up for that fancy dinner with the high heels, and all the jewelry. I don’t look out of place when I do go to the big city; most of the little towns have dried up except for the taverns. It’s just when I’m home working in my office, I’m me.


  2. The Pro and the Cons

    I gave out most of the pros when I told my story, so now for the cons

    There are no neighbors to watch over things when you are gone. Or to borrow that one ingredient that you seem to be missing in your recipe.

    You seem to spend a lot more time in your car and when gas is expensive that can add up fast. Your schedules become very important; one trip for all and it is probably an all day adventure.

    With the modern day conveniences, it costs more for repairs and replacements; mainly travel time for the repair man, or you fix it yourself the best you can. Duct tape was a great invention. Unless you live on the top of a hill the internet and phone can be a little challenging. Satellite dishes were also a great invention. Have you ever had to rely on dial up internet for anything?

    I wanted to share with you some of the comments that I collected from my internet friends. I love the fact that we can be free and live were we want. I love the fact that we can run a business from our homes, and have the freedom to enjoy our own lifestyle.


    comments 1

    Country Living

Remember when I asked you what your dreams are? If you could live anywhere, where would that be? I have a special video below for you to listen to. His name is Dave Wood. He had a dream to help others learn how to achieve theirs and now he lives where he dreamed of living; on the highest hill in Costa Rica. Why? Because He Can!

Let me know in the comments where you want to live and why……

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