The Pros and Cons of Country Living


When you think about what your dreams are, one of the first things you come up with is where do you want to live. Where do you want to set down your roots and raise your family? The Country side or The Big City?

country living


For me I didn’t give it much thought at first. This is where I ended up and I stayed. But if I had a choice where would I go?


1. Why Country Living is so good.

I grew up on a wheat farm in the upper corner of the United States. It was a wonderful life, I had lots of room to go outside and run or create. The nearest house was about a mile away, even though you could see it on the top of the other hill. The only trees were around the houses, because the land was used for crops.

There was no internet; no cell phones and we could only get three channels on the television set, so we used our imagination. I spent the summer outside and the winter in my room. I dreamed of being a designer and rearranged it constantly.

In the nearest little town, if you could call it that, had only a post office, a small store that carried the essentials, and a tavern. It was two miles away, how did I know? Because I had to walk it one day after the activity bus dropped me off and my parents thought I was someplace else. Remember no cell phones.

It was a great childhood. That is all I knew. As I grew up, what do you do in a small school, but play sports. That took up mornings and afternoons. Evening time was for homework and then you went to bed. What other social time do you need? (lots actually) I lived two miles away from one town; I had an address of another town, and a phone number that was long distance from anyone else in our school. We were kind of mixed up. Try giving directions to delivery trucks, or friends that wanted to pick you up.

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