Do you really get excited about accomplishing something only to have it foil to shreds in front of you?


Well that is what happened to me today. I was on a roll, I was getting so many little things done.


There is one check off the list, now another. I wrote out a few transcripts that I was going to share through a video with you and as you can see, I am typing.

Making Things Hapen

I have four devices sitting in front of me and do you think I can get any of them to work the way I want.


Here is what happened and I want to know if you can relate. Think about it and leave me a comment.


First of all…..I started the video player on my computer. It started I was recording along. I thought I finished and went to hit stop but I hit cancel instead. Don’t ask me what happened, but now the camera is disconnected from the machine. Yes, the built in one!


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