Your Brain Can Make You Poor


In today’s world, everyone wants to have more money, everyone wants to be rich. Nobody really wants to work harder than they need to. (Well there are some workaholics out there), but the majority of the people don’t. Yet they complain and wine. Yes, I have been guilty of that too, but I now know what I need to do in order to overcome that.


But how you say, the rich are in the tiny minority of people, so how could little ol’ you and me join them? Do they have something we don’t? Do they have an unfair advantage over us?


Your suspicions are correct. The rich DO have an unfair edge. It’s not a college education (many are high school drop outs) It’s not inherited wealth (most start from nothing, and often began dirt poor).


So what edge do they have and what’s our excuse for not joining them??? I have learned a secret. Read on.


  1. Start Thinking Big! – (Success is calling you…No more excuses!)

    This channel is to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe.

    (You may want to bookmark this. It is one that will take a while. This is good for you to keep handy.)

  2. What are you feeding your brain?



    So, what is the ‘edge’?  It is mostly based in your mind, no I’m not talking about smarts. There are two obstacles you face: thinking small and not having a coherent logic about money. As you read this, start thinking of what your fears are and how can you come out of your comfort zone and feel the pain of growth. Do you want to be left on the floor at the banquet hall or to step up to that banquet chair or stage?


    1. Thinking small.   Most of us think small when it comes to money “chump change”. Take a look at what people want to watch on TV: reality shows about pawn shops, bidding on storage units, rummaging through mud in search of an old coin, restoring something. How about buying stuff you don’t want with coupons and cheering about it.


    We tend to celebrate the breadcrumbs on the floor of the banquet hall. We seem to be looking for the bargains like the scavenger hunt.


    But, while you are playing the mud, the RICH man is playing a different game – a faster game, and he never gets his hands dirty. He thinks on a different level.


    It’s more of a question of how you think. If your entire day is spent on small things, you’re not getting a good return on your thoughts. As Donald Trump once said, “You have to think anyway, so you may as well think big!”


    So, how do you think?


    STOP running the battle from day to day; it’s time to take stock of your situation, and most of all, your THOUGHTS. Take a “time out” and evaluate where you are and where you need to be…Don’t be happy with the breadcrumbs. Set yourself to get a seat up there on the banquet table! You deserve it!


    Make a decision to think bigger, to not be content with what you have, and to actually do something about it. I BELIEVE IN YOU!


    Don’t be that person complaining about the system or try and change it your way. Doesn’t work, does it. Go and hope you will win the lottery. I don’t know about you, but that is really not going to happen.


    2. Having a coherent philosophy about money.
    Most people are confused about money. They crave it, yet they feel wealth and wealthy people are somewhat corrupt, immoral, and that ‘money is the root of all evil’. Yet you see all the ads in the newspaper or online about make money doing this or that. This is when most will try it and then turn around and say it doesn’t work, it is pure nonsense.


    That is truly the wrong thinking. You have to make a choice, because this confusion in your mind is stopping you from growing. If you really want to make money then it’s time to clear out all the garbage in your head that’s holding you back – the cynicism, the laziness, the negativity, the confusion, and guilt you feel regarding wealth.


The person who is coherent about what money stands for is the person who knows what it is, accepts it as such, and respects it… they are the ones who will take it home.


Be aware of what fills your head each day, you can be exposed to a lot of negativity around each corner. It is time for you to build your library with nothing but quality information. Read books on growing rich instead of watching reality shows about scavenging. Do you know which person will be wealthier in the next five years?


A mentor of mine said: “Don’t think all that stuff going in your mind isn’t doing anything to you! It’s the equivalent of a junk food diet slowly destroying you. Your body is a temple, and so is your mind, feed it well!”


Be true to yourself, don’t let society and media feed you. It’s corrupt and evil. You need to find who you are and where you want to be. Do you want to be up at the banquet table, then what is stopping you? Just make a decision and end the conflict in your mind. If your decision is to take control of your financial situation and move in a positive direction, a VERY good place to start is RIGHT HERE.


Do you have a passion in your life? Do you know that that alone can be your success? If you truly want a change for the better, and a change for your mind then come into our world. There are many here that will help you “Believe in yourself again.”


Let’s make some money together.
I Believe in You

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