Your Brain Can Make You Poor


In today’s world, everyone wants to have more money, everyone wants to be rich. Nobody really wants to work harder than they need to. (Well there are some workaholics out there), but the majority of the people don’t. Yet they complain and wine. Yes, I have been guilty of that too, but I now know what I need to do in order to overcome that.


But how you say, the rich are in the tiny minority of people, so how could little ol’ you and me join them? Do they have something we don’t? Do they have an unfair advantage over us?


Your suspicions are correct. The rich DO have an unfair edge. It’s not a college education (many are high school drop-outs) It’s not inherited wealth (most start from nothing, and often began dirt poor).


So what edge do they have and what’s our excuse for not joining them??? I have learned a secret. Read on.

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I Believe in You

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