Isn’t it funny how your brain works sometimes?


I was raining outside and I went for a walk down to the Post Office which was only a couple of blocks away. As I was walking I looked down at my feet. I had on a long skirt and my boots. Along with my umbrella I thought of Mary Poppins. Remember how she always wore the longer skirts and the boots with her magical umbrella?

Family Values

If you haven’t figured your WHY out yet. Give it some more thought. Slow down for just a while and find out what others might need.


Family Values can be ‘The heart of a Family’


The only thing I was missing was her hat. But what made me think of her and her story came to me because of my Why. The Why I am setting my goals in my life. The Why I have created a business for me.


We should all have a WHY in what we do, it gives us purpose and meaning. And when you focus on that every day, morning and night, your goals will be accomplished. Everyone has a difference WHY.


What is Yours? Don’t have one? Sure you do! Think about it as you keep reading.


Family Values So, back to why I thought of Mary Poppins.


Besides walking around with my umbrella, long skirt and boots. I thought about the story line of the movie. It was about a wealthy banker who was hiring a nanny for his young kids. Many were interviewed, yet when it all came down to it, the right one was picked. (Not to mention they were all blown away).


It was all about the kids, what they wanted and what they needed. Remember the letter the dad tore up and threw away? They had specific things that were special to them.


As the movie went on Mary Poppins shows us that she was there for a reason. What was it? She had fun days with the kids, she made them mind, clean their room and had some other tricks up her sleeve, or should I say her bag.   But it was more for the whole family, it was a time when they needed to see what life was about. It was a time to pull them together and know what each one needed.


Family values are so important. In this fast pace world we live in today, we go through our day so fast that we forget to stop and listen. Do you sit down at the dinner table and talk about your day. Do you know what troubles the rest of your group is going through? Do you know how to help?


It is amazing to how people complain about the bad kids, or WOW, that person was in a bad mood, I think I will just leave them alone.   Do you have a ‘time out’ chair?


What I have come to find out as a mother raising my kids is that the mood swings usually arise from something that is troubling them. When you drive it out, it helps them feel better and solves many problems. The solutions too many of these can be fixed. They just do not know to ask.



Give a helping hand.
Learn how to share with others to help them with what you know.
They may not know how to ask!


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