Do you have a reason why you are doing what you are doing?

What you have for goals in your life?
What are you making money for?
What do you want to do?

When I launched my business I thought yeah I can do this. It looks great, I am going to make my fortune.   Then the unknown came, the wonders of “What am I doing?” Well then the determination comes. I was are going to make this work or else.


I will tell you I had the wrong focus, the wrong motivation, the wrong angle.


Then something changed.

I had the pleasure of attending the conference.

Why did I go? What did I find when I was there?


With a crowd of thousands, you wouldn’t think that one person can make a difference, but you have not been to an Empower Network conference before. I have been to a lot of business conferences and meetings in my life, but nothing like this.


They didn’t talk to me, they didn’t tell me what to do; in turn they talked to my heart and consumed my soul. They consume you and made you feel like you are on top of the world, they motivate you to reach deep down inside and      Continue Reading


Thank you and enjoy,


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