What scares you?

What are you afraid of? Do you not like spiders, mice or other things that crawl? Do you not like the dark, you need that nightlight on when you sleep? Do noises scare you? How about the boogie man under your bed? Do you have a fear of what your future will look like?


I do not like to be in tight quarters, I get Claustrophobic and think I cannot breathe!


I heard someone the other day talking about the Astronauts on the International Space Station. They were having problems and had to shut part of it down because of a gas leak! They needed to crowd together in tight quarters until they could get it repaired. This meant they needed to get in a place that they were uncomfortable to be in. They actually had to close the American side and move over to the Russian side. Out of their normal surroundings.


I think that would be pretty scary. Here you are in outer space, you have nowhere to go, death all around you, and you need to fix it or else.


It’s not like here on earth. Down here problems can be fixed rather easily, or some can be ignored all together. It depends on YOU and what YOU want to change, or the question is “DO you want it fixed”.

What are you scared of?

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