Daily Transformation


Do you show the world a different you? Are you the type of person who will not go out of the house without any makeup on? What kind of clothes do you wear? Do you dress up differently for where you go so you fit in?


We see those pictures from the Walmart emails and wonder if they are real or not. Do you pay attention to your appearance before the world can see you? Does it really matter to you? Do you care what other think? Or are you just who you are and they can take or leave it!


My Transformation


Since I started blogging I have been working on who I am and what it is that “I like”. Well I will say being a mother and a wife for almost thirty years, my OWN “niche” part has been kind of hard. But, I have sat back and took a good look.


Yes, I will say that I do have two different looks.


Growing up in the country you tend to get dirty often. I knew that when I was home you worn your older clothes and definitely no shoes in the house. Did you want to get that whooping from your dad when he got home? No, Not me. So, I always changed my clothes after school and when I left to go to town. That was how it was. Mom wanted my good clothes to last.


As I grew up and had kids of my own, I was a little more slack with what they got to do. I was always washing their clothes more often anyway. Really dressy clothes did come off, but who wants to stay in them for very long anyway. Not me.


I was the career mom for many years and I dressed up for the corporate world. I got up in the morning, put on my makeup, did my hair and dressed accordingly. It became routine. It can be amazing what you can get done in high heels.


But, as soon as I got home, the clothes were changed and it was back to …….. continue reading….


Keep reading to see a quiz to find out how:     “Do You See Yourself As Others See You?”

My answer surprised me.

Good reading




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