Have you ever had a dream?


Have you ever wanted something that you thought you would never have? Well, I will tell you a secret! I have found some creative ideas that can help YOU in doing just that.


OK, I know what you are thinking. Where is the pitch line.


Well I am not here to do that. “You cannot find it if you truly do not know what it is that you are looking for”.


But, I will tell you a story and if you really listen then maybe, just maybe you will hear it and find out the secret to having your own dreams come true.




When I went looking to make some more money for me and my family; where did I turn? The Internet! Other jobs just took me away from home more than I wanted. I knew there was something out there, didn’t really know what, but I saw others doing it and I thought why can’t I.


So I started. First things first; finding a name for my new adventurous business. As my husband and I were talking in the kitchen one night, I happened to notice the cookie jar in corner. It had some loose coin in the bottom. We always said that we were going to use that for vacation and special things. As always, it never seemed to get very full, but it had good intentions.



What are the things that you save up for?Jar Ideas



Have you always dreamed of doing certain things and never gotten around to it. Me too! So, Jar Ideas was born. I just thought it was going to be a place to bring in ideas and motivation and also bring in some more money for my family. I had no idea that it would have such an enormous effect on me.




I have landed myself in more than just a money making opportunity. I have landed in an amazing place that brings ideas to my Jar that I never thought possible. It has brought a whole new world for me and has given me inspiration and makes you feel like you are on top of the world.



I didn’t get it at first. I wanted to focus so much on the wrong thing. I would get frustrated, and thought about quitting a few times. But the leaders here somehow know what you need to hear. They seem to have been right where you are and have learned how to overcome it. They are much better teachers than professors, because they are out there doing it.



The main question and one of the first that they ask is:   “What is your WHY”?



Think about it!………..Did you really hear what the question was? “What is your WHY?



For me I thought that was easy. I rattled off this and that.   Oh, yeah I know why I am doing this, Why would you ask that question, Isn’t it obvious? I want to make more money!




SquigglesThat is exactly why I was failing!



I was missing the most important part in having a home based business. I was so focused on the money that I missed the point. I missed what it truly took to put your heart and soul into something and come out on top.  



They kept telling me to write about my niche. To market to other people in that niche also. What was my biggest problem in doing that? Being a career mom, wife and homemaker I had lost me. I didn’t know what I liked, I didn’t know what a niche was, I didn’t know much that I came to find out. Who was I?



The realization of actually telling yourself, (or asking, I should say), the question of “Who am I”, is kind of hard to explain. You can tell others that you are a Mom. You can tell others that you are a wife. You can tell others that you have a career. BUT, to ask yourself what is it that YOU like? Is another question all together.



Did that make me stop? NOStop and Listen




That was not going to make me stop. It only made me more determined.   I knew I could do this and I was going to show all of them that it was going to work. How’s that for hard core? I still saw others doing it and it shouldn’t be that hard.




What did I find out?  


I didn’t quit, I plunged in harder, until the light bulb finally came on. Just all of a sudden, I heard something in one of the trainings. I finally understood what it was for me to truly make this work. What my reason WHY really was! Who I really was!



It’s different for everyone and that is what makes this company so great. We all come from all walks of life, all age brackets, and all backgrounds. We tend to be contagious, and start showing extreme passion for things in life and people around start to feel it also.


Do you want to know what it is?



Do you want to know what makes our businesses grow so well?






What are you passionate about? Is it your kids, is it music, is it knitting, is it surfing, is it personal training, is it hunting or fishing?   What truly comes from your heart?


I FOUND mine?



Do you want to know what it is?


I really like to solve problems. I also seem to be able to come up with an answer when someone asks.   I am the go to person when something doesn’t work. I want to know things, and have a very mechanical mind. Solving puzzles and word searches are fun for me. Is that weird? No, it’s me.



So, what is my passion?   Helping others find ideas to help themselves.


Thus   “Jar Ideas”




This is where I want you to ask yourself the question: “What is your Why?


Why are you doing what you are doing?   We need to have a reason or it gives no purpose in what we are doing?


Another question for you?1897690_378919052283065_6012107844549887758_n 









If  you have a passion, would you be able to tell others about it? Can you write your stories and share with others?


Then what is stopping you?


Click the link below and join me in building a bright future together!


What are you waiting for?take action


11 thoughts on “How My Jar Ideas Were Used to Create My Dream Life

  1. I love this I know when I first started I too struggled as well.. I knew that I no longer wanted to be just another person working every day for someone else and hating it… I really wanted to have my own and be able to really just live and be home with my family .. This opportunity allow you to be able to do that and you really find out just who you really are in the process.

  2. Fantastic post Sandy! Just love that you’re sharing your story of not knowing who you were due to being a wife, mom, etc. as so many women feel that way and get lost but you digging deep to figure out what fires you up, what you’re passionate about has allowed you to be super powerful in helping others. Appreciate you sharing such value and genuineness. Our passion is helping others tap into their passion and live ON purpose. We love personal development and that’s mainly what we focus on in our blog posts. Love this community as well. 🙂

  3. This is such a brilliant post Sandy. Knowing your reason why is so important. I’ve certainly had days over the past 4 years when I’ve lost my way and wondered if I was doing the right thing. But I always had the passion and I always knew my reason why. It always pushes me to keep going and be my best. Thanks Sandy. Keep doing what you’re doing xxx

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