A “Be Still” idea


Are you the type of person that is a go getter, always to have four or five projects in front of you?


Well,   today I am going to ask you to BE STILL.


Stop what you are doing and just sit there for a minute.


Hard?        Where did your brain go?


Have you ever been down with a cold or the flu and just wanted it to be over, so you could go back to work? You are thinking about everything that needs to be done, yet you forgot the most important thing? It will still be there when you get back, so rest, get well and your thoughts will be refreshed.


I want to share with you something that seems to help me get back on track.


“Do not spoil these quiet hours by wishing them away, waiting impatiently to be active again. Some of the greatest works have been done from sick beds and prison cells. So, instead of resenting the limitations of a weakened body, search in the midst of these very circumstances. Limitations can be liberating when your strongest desire is to move.”


Quietness and trust in your faith, enhances your awareness. It adjusts your thinking. Even though you feel cut off from the activity of the world, your quiet trust makes a powerful statement.


When you are made to sit still, how do you feel?   Do you feel impatient, you want to resist and your mind tends to wander.


Stay focused,      hold on      and keep reading.


In my travels to the gym today I saw a lot of impatience. Everyone going at their own speed in their own direction.   I knew they had only their thoughts on their mind. They seemed to be unaware of what they were missing and what was around them.


I want to share a video with you that will help you think about your own impatience and refocus to get your quietness back.



She talks about how you see your journey. It’s like going on a vacation. You plan, you get your itinerary. You get there and go, go, and go.   You know in advance that you will see a lot and get a lot done, but do you think about how exhausted you are going to feel?   Do you stop yourself and say I don’t want to get exhausted so you stay home?   No. You take that journey and you push through.


You resonance to an emotional feeling.


Another video I want to share is on focusing.   She explains how one side of your brain can function differently than the other side. Your awareness and distraction. She show us were we can get a tool from your computer to slow this down and reconnect it. They are called binaural beats. It helps your brain stay with you.   Another tip she gives is google timer for doing your social media,   your computer will sound an alarm so you do not get lost and waste all day.






I will tell you that I am one person who has ten things going at once.   My focus gets distracted, when something else comes into view.   I do not want to disappoint anyone, so I need to keep up with it all.


This is one character adjustment that I am working on.   I have learned that if I turn things off, clear off my desk or work place and get down to focusing, that WOW, things actually get done in a timelier manner and much better quality.


Now I will let you go,   try some of these tips and make your day more productive.  


One thing to remember!!!


Be still for a few minutes every day and really think about what you are doing and why!


See you




What are you looking for in your life? Do you want a change, do you want to be creative, do you need a place to call your own, and/or do you need more income?   Come and learn how to excel from your struggles and by telling your story, you will feel free and ready to tackle anything.

3 thoughts on “Can You Really Succeed By Being Still?

  1. great post sandy, from all your points what I gathered was focus is really important in what ever you do in life. And most of the time when people are less focused they really aren’t sure which direction they are heading to.

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