Did you ever need a change? In your finances, in your career, in your life?


It can be a scary thing and most people have a hard time taking that first step. They find it easier to just put up with their misery, then to jump into the unknown. I am here to give you some ideas of where to start!
I don’t want to hear anymore whining when there really is no need. See what I have to offer you.


Because we are human, life will always have ups and downs in life experiences. Sometimes you feel you are in a free fall, when people or things you had counted on let you down. Instead of bemoaning your circumstances, you look for help. I have found it!


How long do you think about it? Where do you look for help?


Do you go and talk to everyone you see their response? Do you research and find out all the information about it before you make that decision?



Do you try to talk yourself out of everything because you can’t see what is around the next corner? So, you just whine and complain constantly about how bad it is!







How did I know, I bet I can ask you a few more questions, because I was there. Yes it is scary when you change, you are not ready to gamble and the confidence in yourself is low. So, here is the biggest problem that most people do not like:



“I might get rejected!”

Indeed, you might.
You might get your hopes up only to find them dashed.
You might decide on where you want to go, and then not get there.
You might fall in love with a vision of the future and then discover it doesn’t happen.
How much would that hurt? How much would it hurt to have those hopes, those decisions and that love turn out to be all for nothing?


Of course, it’s not for nothing. If you learned from it.


In fact, those hopes, those decisions and that love is the foundation for a path worth pursuing. It’s what makes us better.


Sure, the odds are against you, but I think that’s a lousy reason to avoid exploring something. “Will I get it?” is not nearly as good a question as, “Is it worth trying for?”


Don’t apply (to this or to anything else) just because you can, but, apply to something that matters to you, something worth dreaming about.


You might get rejected. So what? If you got value out of it.


Leap into the unknown. If you want it bad enough the solution and the answer will appear before you.


At what cost are you willing to sacrifice to get that change you so truly need.


There’s a huge difference between the internal cost of being rejected (you feel bad, you feel like a failure, you feel like a fraud), and the external cost.


The external cost might be the time you wasted working on something that didn’t work. It might be that you offended someone by asking wrong, or by spamming, or by being selfish.


You might be rejected because you wasted an opportunity by going for the long shot or the shortcut when you would have been better off settling in and succeeding in the long run.  What will you be willing to let go of to allow more in and to succeed?


Abraham Hicks ~ Letting go of what you’ve already got to allow more


When the time comes and you have finally said “I Have Had Enough”. You truly want to change, you are tired of just settling for what you have. Then I will give you that High Five.


The world is truly a place of opportunity and no one should be miserable. If you don’t like something then tweak it or change it all together. Life should not be spoiled by hardship and disappointment.

OK, Now what do you do? I made the choice to change, what am I going to change it to?


I want you to think about who you are, what you like to do, and what you are passionate about.
Trying to decide if something you THINK is your passion is something you should turn into a career is not something rare. It’s probably something every person goes through to a certain degree.

You have to stop thinking, and start doing. Get out there and take a class! Volunteer if you have to. Do anything you have to do to engage yourself in your passion. If you’re just thinking about making it your career then you’ll never know if it’s something you should really do.
You have to bring passion to everything you do. Passion isn’t going to just magically pop up in your life, you have to be passionate about things and you’ll eventually find the one thing in which the passion doesn’t fade away.


I have a solution for you to help you. I too didn’t know what my passion was, or how I was going to make a career out of it, but you want to know what I found? I found a passion that I can call mine. I have found a way to do what it takes to get it done.


I found that blogging is the key to happiness. Researching and writing things down has bought a spark back to the everyday grind. It has opened up so many opportunities and brought me to so many people. Ones that make you think, ones that make you wonder, and ones that make you laugh or cry.


A Passion is “contagious”, so if you start showing extreme passion for things in your life people around you will start being passionate as well. If adopt this attitude about things, opportunities will start falling your lap and your chances of “falling” into what you’re supposed to do will be much greater!


Here in Sandy’s Jar I have found that coming up with Ideas can be fun. I have come to realize that “there is no shortage of money, there is just a shortage of Ideas”.


“People will love you
They will share your stuff… naturally
If you blog it, they will come.”


So my final question for you is? How bad do you want that change? What are you willing to do to make it happen? If I tell you, will you do it without question?


No more complaining, no more whining. Take the steps to get you on the road of your new life!



3 thoughts on “What I Learned from Changing

  1. Awesome reminder … I was on a webinar training yesterday, and what hurt was the comment, “The number one thing holding you back is the fact that you don’t want it enough!” I began to question myself … how much do I actually want this thing to work?

    And I realised that I have this contrast thing going on. I’m pushing myself because I want it. I’m pulling away because I don’t want it enough.


    But every day I want it more – I’m excited about crossing the tipping point. Everytime I read something like this is takes me closer, so THANK YOU!

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