Have you ever had a dream?


Have you ever wanted something that you thought you would never have? Well, I will tell you a secret! I have found some creative ideas that can help YOU in doing just that.


OK, I know what you are thinking. Where is the pitch line.


Well I am not here to do that. “You cannot find it if you truly do not know what it is that you are looking for”.


But, I will tell you a story and if you really listen then maybe, just maybe you will hear it and find out the secret to having your own dreams come true.




When I went looking to make some more money for me and my family; where did I turn? The Internet! Other jobs just took me away from home more than I wanted. I knew there was something out there, didn’t really know what, but I saw others doing it and I thought why can’t I.


So I started. First things first; finding a name for my new adventurous

Continue reading.……..  See how Sandy’s Jar got started.

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