The winning team


team work

When you hear that, what do you think?


Have you ever been on a team that was winning and you seem to be going to the top. Your energy is sparked and you think you can accomplish anything, right? You are happy and willing to stand up straight and proud.


You are accomplishing more than anyone else and getting the trophies. All of you are feeling good and want to help as much as you can to keep up the winning. You pass around that energy and you give out the good vibes.

Winning team

You will find that people who have a happy energy will tend to be on the winning team. When you are winning this feeling will flow out of you. It can be contagious and others will want it too.   There is a draw for others who want to collect and it can be easily absorbed.


But, when you are struggling and gripping, others tend to shy away or else run the other direction. They do not want to be included. We are all looking for things that are better than what we have. Break free from this burden and spend quality time with the ones who inspire and motivate.


Having a winning team around you to keep you focused and motivated; helps you when you are down and out to remember what mindset you need to stay focused and on track. Look at the big corporations, they are having staff meeting and corporate treats just to keep up the moral around the office. A happy team will help you sell.


When you find a group of people who have the same goals in mind and want the same outcome, they tend to stick together. Learning and passing……

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Winning is a habit (Vince Lombardi)

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