Discipline and Determination


Have you ever wondered how the top performers got to where they are today? Have you ever wondered how others succeed in what they are doing?


When I started my home business I was excited. I could see others out there doing it and I thought why not me. But it was something that I knew nothing about, had no idea where to start or what was needed in order to make it succeed. I knew that I needed help and needed to study everything I could. Yes you can get overwhelmed and start looking in all sorts of places. Some of those will even lead you down the wrong path. I will tell you that I was led in many direction.

want it bad enough

Calm down it is not that hard!


What I have found is to settle down and start at the beginning. My business is one that teaches people how blog and make money through their passion. I have learned that Blogging is more than just communicating with others. It is a way to express yourself and your passions so other can learn from you. Yes, people do make a lot of money doing just that.


We have the training and the leaders to help. I just needed to discipline myself, find one thing, learn it well and then move on to the next step. If you dive in with all fours and think you need this to be set and that to be set, before you can do anything, you have it all wrong. It only takes a few steps to get started and you learn as you go.


Does a baby know how to walk and talk right away? No, they need to learn and practice in order to be good a something. It’s also like riding a bike, do you give up when the training wheels come off, or you fall down. Or better yet, were you the kind that just got on without them and said weeeee?


Why do we need to be tested on our knowledge to get certified or graduate? It is not just to get that piece of paper, but it is for you to know that you have

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