Are you a skipper?


How many times have you started something, dove in and said “I can do this”, so you try this and try that only to say well it’s not working, what am I doing wrong?   OK, this is not for me and quit. It’s a scam and tell everyone else that too.



I have a question for you at the end!  seeds




You said you tried everything, but reality is that you missed this training, you skipped out on that video, and you didn’t like to read all the lesson plans. But you tried it all!


When I started my home business, I wanted it to take off right away. I wanted to see what I saw when I signed up. This was going to easy, everyone will want to do it. Why won’t they? Can’t they see what it is all about?


I want to be the first to tell you, I do not know what I was doing, but that is not going to stop me.


I want to succeed, I want to learn. But I needed to start at the beginning and go through the steps to climb the ladder.   Trying to skip and jump ahead, going over steps thinking you know what it is you need to do is wrong.


hard work


I finally thought, Ok I need help to see why this is working for others and not me. I have done the steps that others were doing, I had a lot of things set up, but I was missing something. I was getting my doubts and questioning myself as to why! That was my problem. I should have known!


You will miss one important part that maybe is the key to that door you need to open.



It may be the boost to the step that is too high.

Yes I Can


Do you really want to back track and figure out what you missed?   That just gets frustrating and helps you quit a whole lot easier.



I will tell you know, what I learned.


Do not skip, do not try to take the easy road, do not try to copy the leaders and say “they do it this way” I will too.   Until you know how it is supposed to work, it will not work the same for you as it does for them. They know all the steps and have done it over and over and over again.   They have fallen and gotten back up.   Now it is your turn to do the same. You need to go through this in order to get to where they are.

Cha Cha

Learning the steps and walking the walk will guide you.


A scripture I read today said: Do not bolt into the day like a racehorse suddenly released. Instead, walk purposefully with God in your heart, He will direct your course one step at a time.

Thank the ones that lead you along the way. This will bring joy and happiness and prosperity into what you are doing and protect you from negative thinking. Thankfulness enables you to see the abundance of what is showered over you. (Thessalonians 5:18)


Do the job how it is supposed to be done.   Do not rely on others to fill in the gaps, to cover for your laziness. Man up and study. That is the only way you will eventually know what the leaders know.


Finish what you started by giving it your all and finding every inch of knowledge that is required for it to happen. Again man up and study.


You will never stop learning. There are tricks around every corner. Be open to change, be open to suggestion, but do not stray from you path. Do not leap over every obstacle, because you do not know if that one is needed or can be discarded and moved.


If you have ever read the “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene, you would know that the first law he talks about is “Never outshine the Master”.


When you get into a program or a new position at your job, never over shine your leader or your supervisor.   When you are learning new things, taking action is one thing, but expecting to know it all from the first sentence and running with it, can lead you to a demotion or removal of your position.


You need to lay things out, get a feel for where you are, and study your mentors and then and only then will they give you the advice and the freedom to flow as you like.


OK, Now that I have you settled down, I want to share with you some of the things I am learning as I study.


Blogging is a wonderful tool that can be used for many things.


It can be used to sell products and keep their readers informed of new updates and sales and tidbits about what their products are.


They can be used in any industry, from Exercise to personal growth, to Motherhood and then to any outdoor activity.   You name it, a blog can be used.


The key is to know how to set it up, to know how to place things on it, so others can read it and find your information better.   You need to know how to link things, to highlight and color. To add pictures and so forth.


There are tricks to widgets and themes and domain mapping, and so on and so forth.


If you are like me and new to the industry, I needed to be put in my place. I needed to start at the beginning. I like to take things and run. I like to play with the big boys, but if I want to change and make this MY “business”, there is a lot more studying that I need to do. I will be the first to admit, you can never know it all.


Now I have a question for you?


Want to come with me and learn how to play with the big boys?


We can do it together as a team.   We can share and try things out together. No one wants to be on the bottom, but in order to grow into a tall tree, it has to start out as the seed.


What stage do you think you are in and then again what stage are you in?


That’s the question.








Please share with me your story and by all means ask me more.

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