Do you compromise to fit in?


Strike out for you! It can be painful and hurt, but the satisfaction at the end of the day is worth it.


Don’t be average, don’t think like everyone else. You are an individual, no one is truly like you in the whole wide world so, be yourself, think the way you want to. Your future looks uncertain and feels flimsy, even precarious. That is how it should be. When you are trying to figure out the future, you are only grasping at things that are not yours.


Set your goals high and work toward them. This won’t only make you happy, but it will lead you on a path to success for YOU.


Average is a failing formula.


It gets you nowhere.


You have a calling, you have a purpose.   Reach out and find it. Learn how to share your passion and tell your story. The impact that could give on the world is enormous.   Think of all the people you can help!


Average people work from paycheck to paycheck.   The disasters come and they do not know how to fix them.   They look for handouts and people to feel sorry for them. They glop and grumble. Do you want your life to be like that?


Get out and find yourself.


I do not want that either. Wake up, we all have so much more potential. There is so much more out there. Act on the opportunities that come before you.   You can learn to be aggressive, yet wait and act on what you want.


Step out of your comfort zone.   Live on the edge.


Average is not going to get you there. You will be left behind and then not know what happened. You wake up one day and it’s too late, you wonder where time went and why you didn’t do things differently.



You can be different. You can constantly grow, you can learn other skills.   Your brain is meant to be used.   Find a good book to read, find audios to listen to, go to seminars and conferences with like-minded people.   Look around at the world and see all the opportunities that you can have.


Find ways to build your potential, find ways to grow, look for things that you like and the things that you can share.   Get a blog and start learning who you are! What your passion is and it will take you farther than you have ever know before.


Do people think that you are irresponsible for going after what you want?   When people tell you that you really have no knowledge of what it is to be a leader, a star. Do they put you down and tell you not to do that?   What is your answer? OK, I guess I won’t.


Wrong answer. Average is failing.


Most people who think you go out of limb and take chances, think you will lose, think that you are foolish, you become a target for them to make fun of. They will continue to do that until the day comes when you prove them wrong. Step up and take action.


But I will tell you, the ones that make a better future for themselves are the risk takers, are the ones that go after the things they really want. They push through the hard times, the name Sayers, the want-a-bees and other obstacles that come their way. They DO NOT want to be average.


You need to be willing to go out and take action to change from the average.


Do you want to be yourself?   Or, do you want to be the norm, the copy of someone else?


Break free.


Law #18 from the “48 laws of Power”   says:

Do Not Build Fortresses to Protect Yourself – Isolation is Dangerous



“The world is dangerous and enemies are everywhere – everyone has to protect themselves. A fortress seems the safest. But isolation exposes you to more dangers than it protects you from – it cuts you off from valuable information, it makes you conspicuous and an easy target. Better to circulate among people, find allies, and mingle. You are shielded from your enemies by the crowd.”




Do people know who you are, do they look to you for advice? Do you hide in your home to where no one knows if you are alive or dead?   Do you have a favorite place to go and people call you by name or smile at you because they recognize you?


Think about it?


Building a fortress is invariably a mistake. It becomes a symbol of power’s isolation, and is an easy target for its builders’ enemies. Designed to defend you, fortresses actually cut you off from help and cut into your flexibility. They may appear impregnable, but one you retire to, everyone knows where you are and it turns into your prison. Fortresses are also extremely vulnerable. They are small and the diseases and plagues have no where else to go. It then creates more problems than it solves.


To become powerful you need to be social and interactive. Do not feel threatened by your surroundings and retreat. By doing so you rely on information from smaller ranks, and never really know how to overcome things, or even know there is help out there.


You need to fight the desire to turn inward and average. Force yourself into more and more different circles. After a while you will see how much more confident you are, how much more you know, and how good you really feel.


Human nature is to be social creatures. Its makes us pleasant and happy, yet isolation, on the other hand makes us awkward and unsure in our gestures. This in turn leads us farther into isolation and people start avoiding you.


Don’t be ordinary and hide in whatever hole you have for the day.   Do not be obsessed with the detail or the inability to see a larger picture, a kind of ugliness that no longer communicates. Isolation is deadly.   You will lose yourself and wonder again what happened.


Find your passion and by human nature you will find your power. It is increased by contact with other people. You need to be permeable, able to float in and out of many circles and mix with many others that will protect you from plotters, who will be unable to isolate you from your allies. They will not be able to put you down and take away the one thing that is you.


Take action, do not be an easy target.


One thing though to remember. Society can be deceiving and put on a lot of pressure to conform.   You need to keep your head held high and remember who you are, and what you want.


Keep your thinking clear on what is going on around you and know what is best for YOU!


Have an Outstanding day.




Please share with me your story and by all means ask me more.

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9 thoughts on “Do You Struggle with Being Ordinary?

  1. Loved this post Sandy!

    I think it’s human nature to try to be ordinary, or to fit in…but in reality we were all born to stand out. I know I did for a long time, it’s what we’re taught.

    I loved when you said, “Average is a failing formula.” There is so much truth to that.

    It reminds me of a quote I’ve heard that says, “You playing small does not serve the world,” by Marianne Williamson.

    We should all go out and start playing BIG!

    Great share!

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