Everyone has a story.


It comes from the life you have lived. But have you ever sat down and told it. I mean really told it from deep down?


It’s not that easy, and when we think that we do share, it is really coming from a place that you want others to see?


Now is the time to come out and say “To Heck with all of you, This Is Me!” and be proud of it.


In my line of work, we hear stories all the time. Some are good and others are heart breaking. But do you know that you can learn from that? And better yet, turn around and make money from your own?


I have seen amazing things come from people who said “This is enough, I want a change!” and do you know where they are now? They are making a great living; NO, better than great living. They are living their dreams and are more than happy.


I want that too

I was brought up in a small farming town, yet my parents knew that a good education was what I needed to get a good job. So what I strived for, was to go to college, get a degree, get a good job, get married and raise kids the same way.


Most might think that is great. Look at you, you have it all.


As my kids finally got old enough to be out on their own, I looked back on what I had. Do you want to know what I found?


I found maxed out credit cards, cars that were old, a house that was falling apart around me, and I knew I would never pay it off before I died. Oh, yes people say, “but you have a good job, you make a good living”. But is that living?
Push to the grindYou go to work at the same time. (Leaving your house all day) You sit at your desk and do the same job over and over again.


You listen to everyone else complain about this and that. You fight over the vacation calendar, because you can’t all leave at the same time. Oh and you never get to travel with your co-workers who are now your only friends, because that is where you are all the time.


In the evenings you are too tired to go out, so making dinner is an option you wish you did not have to do. Then it’s the weekend and you are trying to catch up on the cleaning and laundry, and oh yes the yard?


One day I said this is “ENOUGH”. I do not want to live like this anymore. I was looking at what I needed to have done before I retire. I wanted to help my kids whenever they needed me. I wanted to be able to remodel my house and travel with my husband before our bodies give out and we cannot go to places we have never seen. But HOW, I had those maxed out everything.


This is not living!

Want to know what I found to change my life around? I went looking for extra income on the internet. I wondered if getting a better paying job would be the answer. That was a disaster. I was way over qualified for this, under qualified for that; and the list goes on. Did I want to start over on the bottom, have to build up vacation time and sick time? NO. That was not the answer I wanted.


There had to be something else, something that could give me the freedom and relief that I was looking for.


Then one day I found a video. I didn’t look at it right away, because it was more than 2 minutes long. Even though it looked interesting and how I got there seemed appealing. I found that many people were making money online from their home.


I thought “I can do this!”


So, researching it more, because that is what………


Come see what I found.


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