Are there places that you go, when you are just relaxed and full of peace?


Somewhere to regroup your thoughts. Did you know that being in the shadows can be costing you? Below I have a simple experiment to try.


Where do you go?peaceful



Why do you go?


 Do you head to the big city, or out in the country?

big city

It is a place to hide or just wanting to get away from everybody and everything? You need to think of what you are running from; Instead of running toward.


There are days that I just want to disappear, even for just a little while. I tend to think of it as a place to think and regroup.   You need to keep your life’s focus on the goals that you have set.   By eliminating the bad and regrouping can strengthen your purpose. It can set into motion and come back fighting like a champ.


Law of Power #6 “Court Attention At All Cost”


“Everything is judged by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all cost. Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful, and more mysterious than the bland and timid masses.”


Do you want to bring yourself into power or have your blog stand out? Then you need to “draw attention” to yourself by creating an unforgettable, even controversial image. Court scandal as some may call it! Do anything to make yourself seem larger than life and shine more brightly than those around you. Make no distinction between kinds of attention, notoriety of any sort will bring you power. Better to be slandered and attacked than ignored.


Remember when Mylie Cyrus was in the headlines for you nude video? Did she do it for attention? You bet.   She now stands out and people are drawn to her to see what she will do next. Not saying that is something you need to do, but do get attention somehow.


Stop judging and evaluating yourself, for this is not your role.


Stop comparing yourself with other people. Don’t look for affirmation in the wrong places: your own evaluations, or those of other people. The only source of a real affirmation is God’s unconditional Love. Use this to attain who you really are and create that image.


It’s not good to search out your faults and failures.


imagesDo not make your comfortable place a place of solitude for hiding.   Come face to face with yourself and use that time to ingest what you need to change. Read good books. Find articles of self-improvement and join groups that have the same goal in mind.


Make friends with the problems in your life. Though many things feel random and wrong, remember that God can help you fit everything into a pattern for good, but only to the extent that you put forward.


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