An adventurous trip

What do you do when a situation comes and is totally out of your control?  Do you fight back?

Do you sit back, gripe and glop?

Do you complain?

Or do you settle in surrender and find a good book to read or write another blog post?

My day was a traveling day, so off we go and while getting close to the destination the cars in front of us just came to an abrupt stop.   On the major highway, mind you and the only way to go over this particular pass, no other way to go, it was blocked by a wreck.   A complete standstill.   

While waiting for hours I may add, we saw many interesting things come up.  The line of cars on this two and three lane highway was up to twenty miles long by now.  


There were a few exits but they led nowhere but to driveways or back to the highway.  Yes we were one that tried.  

The average person can be quite entertaining.  You get the offroaders who cut through on the sides.  You get the ones who get out and stand thinking they have xray vision and can see for miles.  Trying to see what’s going on.


Then you get others who take up two lanes so which ever one goes first they can be in it.

We heard on the radio that we would be there for still a few more hours, so its time to settle in and make the most of it.  

We surrendered!

What would you do?


Law #22. Use the surrender tactic:  Transform weakness into power!


When you are weaker, never fight for honor’s sake; choose surrender instead.  Surrender gives you time to recover, time to torment and irritate your conqueror, time to wait for his power to wane.  Do not give him the satisfaction of fighting and defeating you … Surrender first.  By turning the other cheek you infuriate and unsettle him.  Make surrender a tool of power.”

Do not be led a stray by a false sense of honor!  Honor often brings men to ruin when they are faced obvious danger that somehow effects their pride. You need to learn to give a little to get a lot in return.


No one comes to help the weak,by doing so they only put themselves in jeopardy.  Fighting gives you nothing to gain but martyrdom.


Weakness is no sin and can eventually become a strength if you learn how to act on it.  Fortunes change and the mighty are often brought to their knees.


Surrender conceals great power.

Lulling the enemy into complacency, it gives you time to think, to recoup, to undermine and when the time is right, then revenge.


Having a business of your own and always thinking of ways to make money, you do whatever you can and you write a blog.  Yes you can make money from blogging.

There are many ways to always think of making money.  You just need to be creative.  With this captive audience, think of what you can do.  You all have something in common, you just need to get out of your cars and talk.  

What ideas can you think of to make money.  You need to have things on your mind all the times,  and to be thinking of creative ways to get your message out.  

It’s your business, who else is going to do it?

Do you stay on the main course of do you deviate?

Our GPS was giving us suggestions to go around or find different routes.   It even showed us a way to cheat and get ahead of stopped traffic.  We thought, but turns out it wasn’t what we thought.  Yes, we tried, do what you can with your situation.  

What would you do?

What do you do when a situation comes and is totally out of your control.

What would you do?


The weak and poor never give way when they ought to.  Learn to surrender first and attack later.  


Let’s not overreact to situations that are out of our control.  Use the surrender tactic:  Inwardly you stay firm, but outwardly you bend.   Be like the animal that plays dead to save its hide.  Then you can get close enough to your enemy to strick with what you have.


Be strong.


Please share with me your story and by all means ask me more.

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