Keep your noise level going!


When you hear certain sounds or noises, do you have something in mind of what it is?


What you do with the sounds that you hear? Noises can bring you great power or sweet sadness.


Like the top opening on a POP can. Everyone knows what that sounds like. Do you run to get one? Or wait for the right moment to snatch theirs.


Do you know the sound of thunder and lightning? That kind of noise exposure can wake you up.


Sounds can be frightening, or they can be soothing. They can make you excited and want to dance or they can make you run for cover. Sounds of people talking can make you think and get your energy moving.


Can you think of a few sounds or noises you can relate to?


Just sit back and listen. You have sound of the music from the radio, the clicking of the keyboard as I type. You have the sound of my squeaky chair, or the tapping of my toes on the chair. Then there is the hum of the computer and the tick of the clock. Can you hear noises down the hall?


How about the audio tape you have in your ear?



What power does that noise have?  

 (What kind of music helps you be creative?  See my other blog).




Or maybe you are creating your masterpiece outside at the park?   Do you hear the birds, or other noises like traffic and people? Do you a coward and run to the far corner away from the crowd? Are there certain noises and sounds with equivalent power to get you to do something?


Are you sitting in a coffee shop typing away? What do you hear there? Are you confronted with making decision? Do you shy away or take a stand with boldness.


I bet you can give me a few ideas! Leave them in the comments below. I am always looking for things to blog about.



Have you ever thought about what it would be like not to hear? The world would be a whole different place. Deaf people do hear; just not like others. Their hearing comes from the vibration and movement of things around them. The unlimited sound and power of the earth.



Another question that I have is “Do you walk in Faith, or do you walk by sight”.   How do you feel when it’s dark and you are in an unfamiliar area. Don’t know about you but I get a little scared and sometimes scream! Closing your eyes and feeling for objects can be a little challenging, you need to use all your other senses to direct you to a safe place?



That is the sound of darkness.


If you live your life too safely, you will never know the thrill of seeing your faith work through you. Learn to live beyond you natural ability and strength. That’s why it is so wrong to measure your energy level against the challenges ahead of you. The issue is not your strength, because that comes from a higher power.


Use what you have to help you grow and to attain your path. Where are you going?


Is it the path of darkness or do you use the power of noise to bring you to the light?


Step out of your comfort zone, you will surprise yourself what you are capable of doing.   Use all of your senses to accomplish your goals. Make some noise and gain that attention.


Law #28 Enter Action with Boldness





If you are unsure of a course of action, do not attempt it. Your doubts and hesitations will infect your execution. Timidity is dangerous: Better to enter with boldness. Any mistakes you commit through audacity are easily corrected with more audacity. Everyone admires the bold; no one honors the timid.



Here are some videos to share different sounds to get you thinking about how you feel and where you can take noises in your life creation.




Bold Action – Losing Control

This one is pretty wild. But it shows you how you are effected to sound.


Warning: Turn off quickly to have control of your mind again.




This deep sleep programming session has a series of affirmations about productivity, procrastination and bold action, backed by a delta wave track of isochronic tones that will help you get to sleep easily and embed the powerful commands into your unconscious mind.

There is also a pleasing ocean surf track, so that the word and isochronic tones blend together into a session that is soothing and empowering at the same time!



Most of us are timid creatures. We try to avoid tension and conflict only to be liked by all.   We think about jumping out to take that bold action, but then our minds get in the way.  (What scares you? See my other blog).


What will others think of us? Oh dear!


We try not to hurt or offend others, but this in fact has the opposite effect. We are really self-absorbed, worried about ourselves and how others perceive us.


Boldness, on the other hand, is outer-directed, and often makes people feel more at ease. Have you ever done something out of your nature, yet you knew you needed to do it, then you felt so much better when it was all over. It gave you a sense of pride.


Take for instance, going up to a stranger and asking them a question. Or offering a helping hand, when you see the need.   Don’t be shy, learn how to just do it. It will become easier as time goes on. This is something I am working on myself.


Your mind can get in the way of your success, try being a little seductive, it consists in the ability to surrender yourself to the other person completely and to make them believe you would do anything for them. Which in fact this can be more flattering than compliments.


Part of the charm of being seduced is that it makes us feel engulfed, temporarily outside of ourselves and away from our doubts. As soon as the seducer hesitates, the charm is broken and the other person is aware of process, the come to their realization of how far you have taken them. They bought something from you before they could say no.


We tend to admire the bold and prefer to be around them, because their self-confidence is infectious.   It draws us near and the meek will say “I want to be like them”.


Boldness in not a trait that we are born with, it takes practice. Learn how to make your own noise exposure.


You must develop your own skill or habit picked up out of the desire to avoid conflict.   Your fears of the consequences are out of proportion to reality. You only create a self-fulfilling cycle of doubt and disaster. You hide in the darkness.


Think:   “The Lion and the Hare. The lion creates no gaps in his way – his movements are too swift, his jaws too quick and powerful. The timid hare will do anything to escape danger, but in its haste to retreat and flee, it backs into traps, hops smack into its enemies’ jaws.”


I am NOT telling you to go out and be bold in everything that you do, for some things need to taken with caution. You need to keep your mind focused on the path you want to lead. When you have the right balance between the boldness and the timidity, then you can use it as an offensive weapon.


Luring people in with your show of shyness, all the better to pounce on them boldly later.


Listen to your surroundings and the audios of others who have learned this. You will grow in ways you never knew before.


Below I have a program for you to give you the tools that will help you find this boldness and learn how to make your own noise.  And then keep it going.


Fill the void of the noises of the earth with inspiration and motivation to be bold and go for what you want in life.


You will never be left in the dark alone again.


 Let me help you find your Boldness and we can keep our noise level booming.





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