Do You Want To Become Powerful, but Worry about your Appearance?


Have you ever been interested in something, see others doing it and think “that’s cool”.  


Then you start thinking and your brain turns on you.



Don’t think you can do it?


Have doubts about your ability?


Do you convince yourself, you couldn’t do that?



It is given and laid out before you, or it is handed to you. But you still think it’s too hard, you don’t want to work for it. So you wander around and complain.


How far does it have to go before you say “Its time, I’m tired and want a change?


Things do not always make a lot of sense, but they do work. Wake up, turn around and look at what you have to give to others. Don’t be bitten by the snake and suffer. Learn to stand on your own two feet and only give in when it is time.


Do not commit to anyone! Law #20. (48 Law’s of Power)

“It is the fool who always rushes to take sides. Do not commit to any side or cause but yourself. By maintaining your independence, you become the master of others, playing people against one another, making them pursue you will bring you to higher power.”


If you allow people or things to feel they possess you to any degree, you lose all power over them. By not committing your affections, they will only try harder to win you over. Stay aloof and you gain the power that comes from their attention and frustrated desire. Play the Virgin Queen: Give them hope but never satisfaction.


Since power depends greatly on appearances, you must learn the tricks that will enhance your image. Refusing to commit to aspersion or a group is one of these. When you hold yourself back, you incur not anger but a kind of respect. You instantly seem powerful because you make yourself ungraspable, rather than succumbing to the group as most people do. As your reputation for independence grows, more and more people will come to desire you, wanting to be the one who gets you to commit.


Desire is a type of virus. People want to be desired, but the moment you commit, the magic is gone.


To aspire power and influence. Try the Alcibiades tactic: put yourself in the middle of those competing. As each side vies for your attention, you will immediately seem to be a person of great influence and desirability. To work this even more to your advantage you need to keep yourself free from emotional entanglements and view those around you as pawns. Do not become the lackey for any cause.


Be yourself, show others you have power and knowledge. Rise to the top of what YOU know. No need to be the slave, be careful not to show sides before you know where your destiny will lead you.


Your goal is to enhance your image.  (see my post on Standing Out From The Rest)




Remember what you said in the beginning that you thought was cool? But you didn’t think you could do it?



Learning how to make yourself desirable and powerful, yet still humble to your cause, can build you to a very high level to help you will think you can do anything. First of all standing up straight and saying “Look at me, I can do it!”



Another thing to think about is power vs appearance.


In your quest to gain power you need to keep in mind the image that you want to portray. You don’t want to like Queen Elizabeth. Though she was very powerful, she was also very lonely. She was not about to let her kingdom be overruled by a male if she ever were to marry, so she kept alone.


To gain a following you need to have a great appearance and style. Learn how to develop your own style and you will become very powerful. Do not think you need to suffer.


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