Stand Out From The Rest

Selling, that can be a word that many run the other way when they hear. It can be feared and blessed at the same time.

But, in a Network Marketing Industry, selling is how our money is made. We tell others what we have and do and then sell them our products. It’s that simple.

Blog, Tell others, and Get Paid.

We all know what makes us different, the trick is to let others know what we have so there is a reason for them to buy from us.   Your products need to stand out, but is it your products or is it you?

Wait, isn’t that what we want?

We want them to come and learn from us, learn how to grow, learn how to blog, and really get to see what it is that we do and then buy what we have, right?

Your challenge is to differentiate yourself to ensure you stand out and draw them to you. Not as easy as many might think. You have a product that can turn the tables on making money and you think everyone would be stupid not to join. Don’t they see what you have? Don’t they see the value that it brings? Don’t they see what you see, and how they can fit in?

You just don’t get why they won’t buy!

Learning how to create your own image and promoting who you are is one key factor in Blogging. You are creating content that needs to bring value to the ones that are reading.

You need to focus on solutions to problems and show them how you came to overcome them.

Being consistent in your actions and following through with what you do will get people to notice you.

Do you have a unique talent?

How do you Stand OUT?

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Below are 6 ways you can differentiate yourself.  Best of all, you can start doing every one of them right now:

  1. Start with yourself.

You’re far better than you realize.  Other people can’t sell you; only you can do that. You are a unique individual; you also bring value to the situation, and you are anything but a commodity!

Stand apart by asking your readers better questions that are more insightful than anything they’ve read.  Be the pro-active person you know you are, not just in your mind but also in your words and information you bring to the reader.  Most of all, allow your personality to come through in the way you demonstrate commitment and passion for serving them.

Have the confidence that others will want to read what you are writing and learn that what you have to offer them is of great value.

  1. Focus on the reader’s solution.

Customers care only about themselves.  Giving them the standard marketing materials extolling product features is simply not what the customer wants to hear or see. They come you’re your blog to read information. They come to the WWW to get information. When they find what they want, they share and buy. You must reach into their world and look at things through their eyes. Find their needs and wants. What are they looking for?

  1. Allow the reader to see solutions they didn’t think were possible. 

By taking the time to do items 1 and 2 listed above, you can help them see what they didn’t realize was possible.   Remember, they’ll only get to this point when they first believe in you, and that’s why it’s so important that you begin with believing in yourself.  If you blog about valued information, they will come back and read more.

  1. View what you sell as an investment the customer is making rather than a purchase. 

This subtle change will do more than you ever realize with regard to helping the reader grasp what you have to offer.  When we’re focused on helping them make an investment, we shift our thinking toward creating a return on investment rather than selling. Your job is to make them believe that they need what you have.

  1. Sell not only to the decision maker, but also to the one who is going to benefit from what you’re selling.

Too often we focus only on the decision maker and getting them to say “yes,” all in an effort to close a sale quickly.

What would be the buyers “why”? Who would they be doing this for?

Put some of your focus on those who will benefit. Give them a reason for what they will be doing it for.

  1. Don’t use comparisons. 

If what you’re selling is unique and special, then why would you want to compare it to anything else?   The best way to avoid going down this road is by simply making sure you don’t bring it up in anything you say or show to the reader. Keep it personal and add value.

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3 thoughts on “If You Want Them To Pick You, Stand Out From The Rest

  1. Your advice “If what you’re selling is unique and special, then why would you want to compare it to anything else? ” reminds me of a speech I heard at Toastmasters in the late ’70s. A man who was a political consultant was talking about managing campaigns. He said “Never mention your opponent by name.”

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