It’s time to celebrate your strengths.

Come on I know you can think of a few things that you are good at! Bring them out and you will have more power and confidence to do just about anything.

This is something we all need to keep in mind: “Instead of looking at what a person can’t do, focus on what they do well.


Be helpful

Sometimes people with a disability move more slowly or need help carrying things, offer to help them out!

Mothers with their hands full could use some assistance once in a while.

The elderly may need a ride or a shopping trip.


Besides working with people what other things can you be helpful with?

Are you good at giving advice?

Are you good at research?

Are you good at sewing?

Are you good at Cooking?

What is on your list?


Be kind

People who look or act differently often get teased. No one deserves that. Stand up to bullies!


Smile at everyone you meet.   Open the door for others.

Send a happy birthday message.

Surprise someone with a thank you gift.

Leave a comment on a social media post or a blog.


Be a friend

Get to know people who aren’t already your friends and find out what you have in common. You may find someone new to hang out with.

 Be interested in what others are doing.

helping hand

Ask others if they need a hand.


Be a shoulder to cry on.


Be there for the laughter and the whispers.

No one has to sit on the sidelines of life. We all need to reach out, the world is a big place, yet others are closer than you think.

When we want to change our lives, or give it more purpose, we have to learn how to become powerful without losing who we are. We need to find ourselves first and grow from there.


Make other people come to you, use bait if necessary. Law # 8

“When you force the other person to act, you are the one in control. It is always better to make your opponent come to you, abandoning his own plans in the process. Lure him with fabulous gains, then attack. You hold the cards”.


Wait for the crowd to gather and then strike. Don’t be the aggressor. An aggressive person is rarely in control. He cannot see more than a couple of moves ahead. He cannot see the consequences of this move or that one. This is because he is constantly being forced to react to the moves of his ever-growing host of enemies and to the unforeseen rash actions.


When we are looking at the world and asking ourselves what we are good at, you need to step back and really look at who you are, and what YOU like. I can tell you that was not easy for me. Being a mother, I did everything for my kids.


What is your passion? What do you feel you can do so well that you have full control over?   Need a minute to think about it? What are the things that you would like to change? Ok, I know I am not fair, that is another hard question. It can be anything if it is what YOU like. Do not give up the things in life that make you happy.


What is the point of chasing here and there, trying to defeat and solve problems if you never feel in control?


Out of Control


Don’t mistake aggressive action for effective action. Remember, the essence of power is the ability to keep the initial initiative, to get others to react to your moves, to keep your opponent and those around you on the defensive. If things need to be done, don’t wait go for it.

As you go through your day, or the week depending on how exciting it is, look around and see what made you happy, what made you sad? Did you help someone else or mind your own business and go in full force to your destination.

I am guilty of that more than I want to admit. But I am learning how to really see people for who they are and what they have to offer others. The programs I have to offer are great for the soul and give you that helping hand to figure out where in life you fit in.

Everyone is good at something!

What is stopping you from finding your passion, getting a blog and starting to share?


Only through this link will you find ways to help you build your passion and truly bring out your own power.

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