Do you read directions or listen to others to know what it is you need to do?


Are you the type to hear the first part and jump right in?


How about your reading or listening skills?


This day and age we all seem like we are in a hurry and since we have seen something like it before we know what it says. When you watch TV commercials or browse through the world-wide web we can get bomb barded with all sorts of things.   They call it advertising.


Which one is better, which one will do what you are looking for it to do. Are you sold on what they say or show you? Or, do you get the whole nitty gritty first?   What for sure are they offering? What is it that they will do for you?


This picture popped up on Google + the other day and we had a great conversation.


Look at it first and get your answer in your head.

Then go and read some of the comments.


Below that I will show you an easier way to get $100,000.00.  Read on…


Offer 100,000.00














jumping comments 1











jumping comments3













Now think what your first answer was, and then; when you knew a little more, what was your answer?


Now when you read something, do you take your first impression and think that is what people are trying to tell you, or do you ask more questions and get more details to make your conclusion?


After reading this conversation you might change your mind.


Were there other circumstances to it?   Was it on the ground? Would they give you something else besides a parachute?   How do you know without asking more questions?

Having a business on the internet you are in the market of advertising or spreading out the news of what you really do. How do you come across? How do others see what you have to offer?

There are lessons to learn here on both sides.   On the selling side, you need to get their attention but offer it in a way for them to want to ask more questions. Then on the buying side, before you make a conclusion if its right for you or not, ask those questions. Find out more information. It might surprise you.

Don’t cheat yourself out of the good things in life because you did not follow the directions? Go ahead and jump out of that plane because you know what to expect. Come learn how to start your own Business and know you do not have to jump out of a plane to get $100,000.00. Let me show you how. Just ask.


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