The Vision took over my Busy Day


Have you ever had a day when a vision just came over you and you have this plan of action that needs your attention? Not later, not tonight, not tomorrow, but right now. Your Busy, busy day just got busier.


The vision could care less if you are in the middle of doing 5 to 10 things already, it wants to take over your whole brain until you stop and write it down, type it out and get it started on it.


If you think about it, that isn’t all that bad.


You can remember the days where you were looking for things to do.


As a blogger or a writer, having a plan to focus on is a great thing. This one is a challenge that I had known about for a time, but for some reason today, of all days, it just overcame me.


It was the excitement of being busy I suppose. But before I tell you what it is I need to set you up and get you on the same frame work of where I was when this overwhelming idea flooded my brain.


Imagine sitting at your desk, getting your to do list of things laid out. (Of course your list is full) Got it… OK, now open three email accounts, two websites, the word program, outlook, and google drive. Also the phone needs to be ringing and two text messages need to be addressed.


Now that you seem to be organized and ready to get things done, because that is your intention, you come across a comment someone leaves on your page.


Knowing that is not on the top of the list you go ahead and read it anyway. It was good and you really appreciated it, so you replied only to find another post on their blog. It was a reminder of an upcoming challenge.


Even with all the things you had planned that were in front of you already, you look into it a little harder.


After getting so excited and saying to yourself that you should have done this sooner, you start scrambling to find a notebook to right something down. Which of course was hidden under the other pile. Finally you jot something down and as it lays itself out on the paper in front of you the vision enfolds and you say “wow” this will help me out with this project, and this project and this can clear up this mess and go through this mess.


Just from one challenge.


Now, can you see why I had to stop and right it down!


The challenge is a way for me to help teach and train others on key points of what I am learning.


It gets me a whole month of ideas and planning. It will kick me in the butt, and put the flow of thinking back on track.


Want to know what it is?


It is an annual blog run that C. Lee McKenzie hosts. To post all 26 days in April. It seems quite fun and the rules are simple. Come and see what all the buzz is about
For me, this came at the right time. I needed something to get the ball rolling again.

I needed something to help me get my training done and for by writing it down helps stick it in my brain.

Come and see how this can help you. If you missed the sign in, just browse around and find interesting ideas to build yourself on.


Stay tuned for more.


Bookmark the Blog to see what I can teach you about this wonderful world of Blogging.




Below you will find a great tool to help you achieve your knowledge skills.

It will set you in the correct frame of mind and hear how others have done what you are looking to do.


Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Reserve your spot right now!

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17 thoughts on “Busy, Busy Bee with a Vision

  1. Hey Sandy,

    Yes, I do know what it’s like to have your whole day planned out and have something show up in my mind that takes over because it’s THAT inspiring.

    I’m glad that in your case, what showed up only helped you to get the other things done. I don’t see it as anything other than serendipity. 🙂

    1. Dana, it doesn’t always help. Life has been spinning lately and many challenges are springing up. Too many things on the brain.

  2. This is a really great article and I love how you wrote it. It’s something to have an inspiring idea just take over and need to get at it. 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one!

  3. Wow Sandy,

    26 posts, hats off to you. That will certainly keep you busy.

    I do love when we get an overwhelming idea that really just needs our immediate attention to write it down. When my ideas are on paper, it is only a matter of time before they are actioned. And I certainly have learnt not to trust my memory with regards to ideas. Glad you’re inspired and motivated, its catchy.


  4. I often have ideas pop up in my head and I have to decide if I need to remain focused on the task at hand or allow myself to veer off course. I love keeping a notebook close to jot down those random ideas to grow when I have time to devote to it

  5. Yes! I often start doing my list, then end up doing other things that are just as important. I’ve actually just read another blog post about this challenge. Sounds fun!

  6. Hi Sandy,

    At times, my To Do list is so long that I get distracted with something that catches my attention. Though I try to distribute my time for everything. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us! 🙂

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