Taking action to face your fears can make you feel like everyone is scared of something. Where does our fear come from?


There are only two fears that are truly fears in life. One is the “Fear of Falling”, and the other is the “Fear of Loud Noises”. .


Your fears come from inside of you. They are from your past, they are from what others tell you, they are from what you think others think. It’s time to stand up to your fears, it is time to go after what it is that you want and let nothing stand in your way. 


“You do not need to prove who you are to others, if you can prove to yourself who YOU are”.


Do not let others lead your life for you. God is the only one who really knows where your life is going. Live life to the fullest for what you want out of it. There is only one individual that is truly stopping you and that is yourself.


I know, you can come up with many excuses.


How do I know that you need to face your fear?


Because I was there, I let others lead me. It was simpler that way, the complications were on other people. I just followed the steps.


But, what does that actually do for you? NOTHING! It get you NO WHERE!



It might be easier being the follower, but when it comes to getting the riches, or getting ahead, who gets it? The one out in front, the leader! They are the ones who get recognized. They are the ones with their name on things. You might have helped them, but did you step it up, was it your hard work?

Where do you see your life going?

What needs to be changed?

I wanted a change, I wanted something to call my own, something to get me to where I saw others at.


This is what happened to me:


I opened my computer, logged onto Facebook and there I saw it…
Another person posting a screenshot of the lavish lifestyle they are living, and all of the money they are making…what did I think?
Maybe, just maybe I could have a little piece of that!


… And as I looked a little closer, I saw a link with details on how I could live a life like they do…
What would you do? Do you only wish or do you face your fear and click the link…????



Wishing a little harder I closed my eyes and hit the link.


I was taken to a video presentation with out of the world promises of this dream lifestyle that you too could be living..


“The lifestyle you want is “one click away” you hear them say…
… All you have to do is click the sign up link below the video, and the lifestyle is yours…”
OK, next fear and question is do I take the leap of faith and sign up…????


You anxiously await for things to change, only to realize that you have been sold yet another pipe dream…


Reality seems to kick in…


You say to yourself that nothing is going to change for me…


Frustrated and let down, I closed my computer and called it a night…


I logged back onto Facebook the next day and saw yet another person who is living the life I wanted on Facebook…



I can’t help but wonder is it real, or if it is just another person trying to sell another pipe dream… ???


My frustration continues to deepen…I need to get back to reality and quit dreaming. This is not for me. I don’t want to get stuck or lose anything trying to get a better life. I should just go back to my boring job.


But is keeps nagging at me…”Only if…” you think to yourself…


“If Only I had someone who would set aside the pipe dream marketing and show me what I needed to do in order to experience the time freedom I desire.”


I know it’s possible to have the time freedom I desire and deserve…
I just don’t know how to get it… yet!
Want to know what I did????
I clicked that button and my world opened up and I now have a dream…..

No gimmicks…
No pipe dreams…
No false promises…
You’re going to hear about how tens of thousands of people have made their first dollar online…
And how thousands of them have went onto live the life they always wanted…
A life of time freedom.
I said “this is the day I am going to make it!


I needed to find something that I could take action on, something that could help ME overcome my fears, and get me in the leader position.


I needed something that I could do, without sacrificing what was important to me, and where I saw myself going.


All I needed was a computer with internet access and my world can be MINE again.
Where are you now?


Where do you want to go? This is the plan I found and I would love to share it with you.


How can I help? 

follow me to learn more.


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Please share with me your story and by all means ask me more.

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7 thoughts on “Take Action and Face Your Fears

  1. While I don’t think that being successful and making money have to be difficult, somehow those make-money-fast schemes have never appealed to me! I feel bad every time I see a get-rich-quick or a quick-fix ad, knowing that someone somewhere will be fooled.

  2. Get-rich-quick schemes seem to be multiplying, Sandy. I always feel bad for people who fall for them and can’t imagine how people can fool others this way! I’m all for people following their passions and truly believe that money follows!

    1. Very true Corrine… following your passion should be first, money will follow! I too get quite upset with all those get-rich-quick schemes because they prey on those vulnerable and probably already in a tight spot. It is very sad that people still fall for these schemes!!

  3. Sadly I think it happens in all areas of our lives, for me it’s weight loss. I see so many others having success, losing weight, but here I sit, full of excuses and fears of failure. But what if I stopped those excuses? what if I let go of my anxiety and fear? I could be living a much different life then I am right now.

  4. I never click on links that offer promises. I follow my own dreams. Am in no hurry. I find these days that it’s best to work at a pace that works for you day to day. Work from a base of passion and love and I believe things fall into place in their own way. 🙂

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