D is for Daily Action Plan


Daily Plan


Are you one to have a to-do list for the day?





In my business we call that to-do list a daily action plan. When we set our goals, we set them up for our dreams, where we want to be, where we see ourselves going and then what we want to get from them. (If you want a know more on goals setting Click Here and get in to our wonderful training.)


After you set your goals, break them down so they can be met in a more realistic view. Don’t know what I mean?   (Keep reading….then come learn from our eight core commitments) .


First off: listen to these videos:


How to create a daily schedule



How to Set Goals and Achieve Them!




Next: Here are a few pointers in getting started:


Daily Plan

Know where you’re going.  If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re likely to wind up anywhere. That is flying by the seat of your pants and will not produce what you want.


Be specific. Not only must your goals be specific for what you want, but you must also create a specific intention as well as very specific tasks or steps that will move you toward the completion of that goal. Break it down by year, by money, by week, and then by day.

Create measurable milestones.
 Once you set a clear view of what you’re out to accomplish, the next step is to create measurable milestones. What is going to happen when?

Make a list.
 Create a list and accompanying time line of specific action items or tasks to complete in order to hit those milestones.


Put timelines on everything. Without specific deadlines, you tend to get lazy and put off what is needed to be completed.

Create a visual representation.
 You might use a flowchart, a picture, a spreadsheet, or some other type of business tool to accomplish this.


Schedule out your accomplishments. Mark in your calendar your daily plan to keep you on track. Schedule a time to do each event that you need. Change things around as your day lies out, but try to get everything done. This is tweaking because you do not know what might come up in the middle of something else.

Work your plan and don’t STOP until it’s complete.
  Take daily action.



Once you know your daily plan, where you are going, and how you are going to get there. You can relax and just work. You will know that there is time for whatever you want to get done, yet also time for yourself and loved ones.   This will ease the tension and frustration that come with doing too much or not meeting your goals when you want.


Get to work!




P.S. And if that’s not enough, buy right now and get so much more____ [extra savings, bonus material, etc.]



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People don’t decide their futures, they decide their habits.



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35 thoughts on “Shortcuts To Set A Daily Action Plan Like a Pro

  1. I’ve lived with lists all my life. Never wake without one ready. Never get to the end of one though. (Something I just can’t seem to master!)

    I have learned that deadlines aren’t always right for me either. I work better in a natural flow that ‘having’ to get something done by a certain date. Unless it’s for someone else, I work at my own pace day to day and it makes me feel much more relaxed. Each to his own I guess. Vive Le Choice!

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