Easter is a great day! No matter how big or small your audience is!


Do you have special things to do on this holiday?


Sunrise service? Morning brunch? Family gatherings?


Do you go on Easter egg hunts?


Here is a fun new trick to do the next time you color eggs. It makes a cool design on them and keeps the color after you take off the shell.




Do you have the family over for Dinner?  


How many do you cook for? It is a tradition to have Ham? How large is your audience?


Here is a fun way to make a cake that can also be used for the table center piece!

Easter Cake


Click Here to find out how to make it!



And finally something that Easter means to me. It’s a new beginning, it a renewal of your soul.   Your sins are forgiven. A new day is born.


I am learning how to share my passions with others and helping others by giving tips and ideas to expand theirs’ also.  We all start with a small audience and grow.   Audience




Though first impressions can be deceiving, come into my world and I will show you how to make your passion come to life. It will be reborn and fresh.




Come and see for yourself how we can help you find ways to grow your passion. I have a few spots still open for training, click here to reserve your spot.



See you on the inside,

Happy Easter



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2 thoughts on “Easter is a great day! Large Audience or Small.

  1. That cake is adorable! For me Easter is also about renewal and rebirth. We normally have a big family dinner but this year was different and weird so I’m a little off but getting back on track! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love that meme. The size of your audience really doesn’t matter as long as you do good work and enjoy yourself 🙂 Really love that cake decorations – because I love Kit Kat!! 😛
    Easter was sunrise service followed by a nice family get together for a scrumptious lunch – Perfect way to celebrate!!
    Hope you had a lovely and blessed Easter too. 🙂

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