Email marketing


Are you having difficulties in getting noticed?


It’s great that you have a blog, you have great content and love posting every day. You made it consistent and it has become easier to plug in and create.


There is only one problem, who is going to read it? Who will come in and see what you are up to?   Do you have products to sell? You want to get people to come and receive what you have to offer? How do you do that?


If your business is going to grow, you actually need to have a following. A great way to increase that is by having an email following or an email list to be able to send information to.

email marketing

As your brand and writing grows it’s important to collect email addresses from current and potential customers.

Your database is the foundation of your marketing program”.


 A great Article. Show how you can do business, before you do business.


Email MarketingSachin Rekhi

Musings of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

How To Build Your Audience Well Before Launching Your Product



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Building an Audience  


There are a variety of ways to start building an email audience, depending on your organization big or small, in the corporate world or in the digital home based world.


  1.  Collect email addresses is on your website or blog with an email sign-up form. It can be placed on the header, the footer or a light up box that pops up to get their attention.


This form gives the visitor the option to be included in your newsletter, your highlights for the week, important updates, Webinars and other things you might think important for them to know.


One important note is that if you require too much information to be given, they are less likely to fill it out. Also for curtesy, only get the information you need for use in segmentation and personalization purposes.


  1. Talking with people, yes, talking to people.   You can do this in person shopping in the store, you can do this on social networks through the messaging tab, and anytime someone asks what you do. Get their email.


People are known to not sign up for something the first time it is introduced to them. Like a child, you need to repeat it six times or so before they do it.


Or, they think about it later and can’t find it.   Have you ever had that happen to you? You find an article or something that caught your eye and bypass it for now and then when you think about it after a while it takes hours to find it again, it you even do.


  1. List buying. This option is out there and yes you can buy email lists all over the place.


From my past experience this is not a good practice to use. Sure hundreds or thousands of people will see your offer, but only a handful will even open it, and then only a small percentage of those will actually join.


Most likely you will get spam complaints and spend a lot of money for little return.


Make More Money With Email Marketing



Implementing a Creative Strategy


When creating email it takes more than just a few words and an image or two. You need to keep in mind the audience of who will be receiving those messages.


  1. Design: This needs to have a balance between visual appeal and utility. You need to be clear about what is the expected/desired behavior of the individuals who receive it.   (one way to keep yourself on track is to send it to yourself first)


Keep the enticing information near the top with special attention to the upper right corner. (Eye appeal for scanning)   If you ever have taken a photography class you will learn where the points of interest pop out when someone looks at something.


  1. Copy: It should be written with the tone of your brand and style. You are the one communicating, make it personal and reach out to reinforce your identity. The goal is to offer readers valuable content that is relevant and engaging.


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No matter what form your message takes, always be sure to directly or indirectly answer the question of “now what”?     email marketing


A call to action or next steps should be made clear to the readers who have chosen to engage with your content. What should they do next!


Here is a great course on writing emails effectively:


 Ensure Compliance and List Hygiene


 Compliance is a big deal in all types of Business Industries. This can be your sanity check to prevent any unintended consequences stemming from your email program.



Empower Network takes compliance very seriously. If you want to know more….Click HERE.



Here is a list of things you should have in place before you start launching an email program.


  1.  CAN-SPAM (opt-out mechanism)
  2. Authentication   (if using a service, it must be clearly stated)
  3. Unsubscribe processes   (tested regularly)
  4. Bounce Management (there are soft and hard bounces)
  5. Double opt-in OR Single opt-in?
  6. Privacy Policy
  7. Archiving


Having a service perform these duties for you is a great way to stay on top of the changes in the law and a great time saver.

I use Get Response     Need to get signed up? Here is a link to the site or the banner on the side.




 The Do’s and Don’ts of e-mail etiquette


Test and Measure Your Success


 Email marketing creates many specific data points that can be used to gain insight. Understanding what is being captured and what it means is critical to assessing the performance of your email initiatives.


Keep these in mind:


Render rate: opened

Unique Confirmed Open rate: they read it but not recorded as opened

Click-through rates: They clicked the link inside

Conversion rates: a desired action is performed. Download or survey form.

Revenue: if selling through an email, promo code or coupon

Testing and optimization:   A/B testing and Multi Variate testing



Email marketing is still strong in the business world.   If done properly it will create lasting connections with your followers, reinforcing the message of your brand while supporting your most important business objectives.



List building and a good email marketing strategy are vital in any business.


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