Groups and Gatherings

G is the letter for today in our challenge.  Go see it here.

Do you like to gather in groups?


“If you are not going to speak up, how is the world supposed to know you exist?”


Have you ever wondered why people get together? Is it just for social interaction, parties, and to hear someone besides yourself talk?


That can be part of it, most of us do not like to be alone and for sanity we need to have others around, even if we do not know anybody else. You feel more secure, right?

 Groups and Gatherings

Isn’t it fun to go shopping in groups, isn’t it fun to have lunch with a buddy. Do you have dinner parties for your best friends? Or barbeques for the neighborhood groups like the PTA or the Church? It is our time to share what we know and learn what others are doing.   People have a curious nature.


What Kind of Groups or Gatherings are You In?


Now you cannot tell me that you have never looked around and thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to be included in that?” OR   “That looks fun, Can I Join?”


Want to join a great group that is exploding with ideas all the time?  CLICK HERE


Looking at all the social networks that are out there on the internet these days, it shows a lot about people. We want to be included in groups.


The larger the group, will help us feel that we are one in the important crowd.   When you walk into a room with thousands of people from all walks of life and from all over the world, yet have so many things in common, you are quite in awe.   You say to yourself, “I am important”, “I feel like I fit in”!


Wouldn’t you like to feel that?   I know a group that you could join to get you included. CLICK HERE


What a great feeling.


 When you start a business for yourself, are you really alone? NO, who are your customers, who do you serve? Do you have a business where you build teams and include groups for support, and to share information?   Of Course You DO!


We cannot know it all.   We need that other person to help with the things that we are not good at. We gather in groups for moral support.   We call it team-building.


Here are some great pointers I found to help with that.


Groups and Gatherings


One of the most contagiously funny group exercises that I guaranteed to warm your group up, and have them in fits of laughter, presented by Mark Collard / – the world’s leading online resource of play & adventure-based learning activities.



Groups and Gatherings


Journal sticks – great idea for teens or adults who find it difficult to open up about themselves.








Groups and Gatherings



Team Building activities…family reunion games, back to school, youth activities. I’ll be happy I pinned this later.






Now that you know that you need to be included in a group to grow into what you want to be. I want to share with you the group that I (Sandy’s Jar) am in.


We are that group with all the different kinds of individuals growing for what they desire. We do it together, we feed off each other, we are there for others, we are there for moral support.  Groups and Gatherings


If you are having difficulty in anything you are doing, this group most likely has someone that had trouble with that also. That is what a large group gathers to share.


Come and see for yourself, and learn how to grow as an individual that is part of a group!


Gather yourself and join our group.



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3 thoughts on “The Fun Secrets of Successful Groups And Gatherings

  1. I’ve been in business groups and learned/benefitted hugely Sandy. For now I’ve taken a step back to work quietly, with the knowledge I’ve picked up and a host of great contacts to hand. I can highly recommend it in business.

    Socially? Well, I’ve always loved that too! There’s also much to be said about alone time and quiet time with just one or two people. Sometimes you can be with so many that you don’t get much said or get to hear much at all.

    Balance in everything. 🙂

  2. Groups can be an amazing way to gain many things. Sometimes I feel like disappearing in a group. Where I go to a group activity but with little participation because I simply want to watch and learn. Other times I can’t wait to jump in there and get all into the group and be as active as I can. Then there are times when I just can’t. Just can’t be in a group I need to be in my own world doing my own thing. This is a lovely post Sandy, per usual, and I continue to learn so much! Thank you

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