My Journey to give myself “Permission to Shine”


J is for Journey,   When does it start and better yet when does it re-start.





You want to do what?” I want to quit my job, and work from home.


I can’t say I really blamed him for his reaction. After all, I had a good job with decent pay, with benefits. Not to mention considering the mortgage, car payments, and other debts that we were on the hook for—and we didn’t exactly have a ton of money stashed away.


But… I wanted to take on a new journey and run my own business. I wanted to make money from home and have the freedom for things I wanted and to be able to retire and still have an income. I loved the flexibility and freedom that came with being your own boss.


If you’ve been considering making the leap from employment to being your own boss, then this one’s for you. I’m not going to butter you up with motivational quotes about embracing risk or perseverance. Instead, I’m going to assume that you’re in a similar situation to the one I am now. You’re ready to make the leap and you don’t exactly have a trust fund at your back. 



The notion of a regular paycheck can be so ingrained that you never consider the alternative.



When I started looking for another income stream to help ease the pain of debt, I came to the internet.   Don’t we all go there to find things?


There seem to be an overwhelming flow of information. Pick this one, no, pick this one. How do I know, I never did anything like this before?


But, I had this feeling that this is what I wanted to do.


So as I started my journey with this one and moved on to that one, I finally started to understand this whole new world I was seeing. Not even knowing it was there, right in front of me the whole time. From them on I was hooked. I knew this was for me.


Through my trial and error I found the perfect fit. (I will get to that later) Right now I just wanted to share some things you should know about working from home: (5 most common mistakes)


  • A lot of small businesses fail
    Unfortunately the stats don’t lie. Most small businesses will close in the first two years. You have to be realistic and acknowledge that it’s going to be tough. It all depends on you and what you put into it.


  • Profits will not be a get rich quick theme. They will be slow-growing
    It’s going to take effort on your part and a good mindset to get you in the black and where you want to be. Back to your goal setting. Some people make it happen in a big way really fast, others it takes a lot longer.


  • There’s no safety net
    Unless you have big savings account or a spouse that earns a good income, there aren’t a lot of safety nets should your work from home business fail. Consider what would happen if you couldn’t make it work.


  • It costs money
    Most businesses (even blogs, websites and online ventures) need to spend money initially on set up. Consider it investing in yourself for a better education. Factor that in. Find your resources for money, surprisingly they can be all around you.


  • Sometimes it will be stressful
    Being your own boss has its advantages but it also can be stressful. Having a good support group and others around you that have been through what you are doing can be a life saver.


Now some benefits of working from home


When you finally figure out how to make the work from home thing happen is one of the most incredible feelings.


All of a sudden you realize that you are working on a brand and business that solely belongs to you. All the hours of creativity, late nights and hard work is paying off and you look back and can be proud at what you yourself own.


And that is pretty cool!


Here are some of the major benefits that I’ve found:


  • You can set your own hours
    For me, Leaving home when it is dark and coming home when it is dark doesn’t make sense. Why do you have a yard, just so others can enjoy it? Well, when you work from home you can work from 12pm to 8pm if that suits you better.


  • There’s more flexibility
    Just like setting your own hours, generally speaking you’ll have more freedom to pick up the kids from school, go to the gym or run some errands. You need to still work the hours, take your work with you if need be, all you need is a computer.


  • No office politics
    Do you drama at your work place.   Wow, I do. Lets count how often they complain about this, or complain about that. How didn’t do this or who didn’t do that. Wouldn’t you like to talk about something that makes you happy instead? None of that at home.


  • The earning potential is more
    Unless you are an investment banker or surgeon, chances are there is more potential income running your own business as opposed to a regular career type job. This is especially true for online businesses. You are paying yourself, not giving it to the other company that you work for and only getting paid what they want to pay you. (Note that I say “potential income” – it’s not a guarantee. See the Earnings disclosure HERE.)


Other key points that working from home can bring.

  • You can do some good for others
    If you are able to set your business up so that you have more time, you’ll be free to do more things like volunteering, charity donations, etc.
  • Why are you doing it? 
    This is a very good point to make.       We should all have a “why” It is our focal point and our motivation to keep going when times are tough.       Do you have a real good reason to do this thing and will it affect you in a positive way? You have to know exactly why you’re setting out.
  • How long could it take?
    Is six months realistic to make $100k? Or will you need five years?
  • What will you be selling/promoting?
    You need to have a product or idea ready for how you will make money. You need to have something to sell.
  • What technology will you use?
    Are you going to start a blog and use that to promote your franchise or an online store? Or perhaps you want to use Facebook Ads to send traffic to a landing page? What platform will it be on?
  • What resources will it take?
    Do you need money to spend? How much money can you spend while still meeting your financial obligations? How many hours a day can you devote to your online business while still working in your current job?


Come along and remember “Give yourself PERMISSION TO SHINE”


Put yourself, your family and your ‘Why’ first

Share yourself & your vision with the world

Don’t hold back!

Be Consistent

Be’You”, embrace who you are!

In the End people will judge you anyway, don’t live your life impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself.


A Friend had me create a poem for who I AM, and it got me thinking.


I Am

I am Caring and Thoughtful
I wonder How things come so easily to some and not to others 
I hear Ocean Waves 
I see Beautiful Sunset 
I want to be free from the everyday grind 
I am Giving Myself Permission to Shine

I pretend 
I feel Full of Joy 
I touch The warmth of the world around Me 
I worry That I won’t see tomorrow 
I cry When I Hear Troubling News 
I am Giving Myself Permission to Shine

I understand I Have a Family Who Cares 
I say I will Reach for the Sky and Be Me 
I dream of a Peaceful Life 
I try to do my best in all I do 
I hope for Freedom of the everyday grind 
I am Giving Myself Permission to Shine

Create your own here


My Journey to Give Yourself “Permission to Shine”

See you on the other side



P.S. Want to know what I found CLICK HERE or the banner below.



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See how you can Shine and have Your Own Business

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6 thoughts on “Little Known Secrets that Will Give You Permission to Shine In Your Business

  1. Incredible and powerful story Sandy! So happy you made a decision and took action on changing your life so you can live with passion and purpose as well as on your own terms. It’s so nice isn’t it. We made this decision back in 2009 and are so very thankful. Your “stickability” will take you far no doubt. Those who know their “why” and persist are the ones who succeed. Great questions you added there at the end too in order to help others prepare for what’s ahead with definiteness of purpose.

    Thanks so much for sharing such value! FREEDOM RULES!!! 🙂

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