A Keyword, Where would you be without it?



If you have ever worked on the digital world or marketing atmosphere and wanted to find something on the internet, what is it that you used? A keyword right?

You went in to Google, Bing, or whatever search engine you enjoy using and typed in a word! Or maybe a phrase.


On your phone did you ever use SIRI or some other form to find what you were looking for?


Well,   All that centers around a “keyword” or Key Phrase”


What is a “keyword”?


Here is the definition from the dictionary:



a word that serves as a key, as to the meaning ofanother word, a sentence, passage, or the like.


a word used to encipher or decipher a cryptogram,as a pattern for a transposition procedure or thebasis for a complex substitution.


Also called catchwordLibrary Science. asignificant or memorable word or term in the title,abstract, or text of a document or other itembeing indexed, used as the index entry.


Digital Technology. a word used to classify ororganize digital content, or to facilitate an online search for information.



Keywords play an important roles in SEO and any marketing plan that you want to use. Finding the right one, or the one that will get the most attention seems to be the key.



Here are four examples of websites and one video that can help you with Keyword search:


  1. WordStream http://www.wordstream.com/









  1. Semrush   semrush.com/features/keyword-research/










  1. SpyFu   spyfu.com      keyword









  1. io       www.keyword.io


In here you can see what is already ranking for phrases you want to use and what real users are searching for that is related to your phrase. Whether you are doing SEO, copywriting, SEM or market research, keyword.io helps you to apprehend your topics more profoundly, come up with new ideas and dominate the SERPs with fewer backlinks.


It also helps expand your blog by giving you more ideas that go along with the keywords that you found.





This is a great tool, but to use this you will need a Google AdWords account. Once you have one, you will simply login and click on the tools button in the menu bar. From there you can select the Keyword Planner.

In order to use keyword planner the right way you will want to choose the very first option “search for new keywords and ad ideas”. From there you will enter in an “idea”. The tool will then give you hundreds of results related to your idea.
Now, choose at least 5 words and in particular you are aiming for low competition words with at least 1000 searches per month. Out of those 5 keywords you want to ensure that 1 of those words is your main word.

The key to incorporating these words into your blog for SEO is to ensure that you utilize them as part of content. Try to ensure your blog post is at least 500 words. Try to ensure you utilize all your keywords in your blog post with your main keyword being mentioned 5 times. Make sure your main keyword is in the URL and if you have any pictures, make sure that your alt text includes all the keywords.


So to have a great blog or advertising campaign you need to have a great “Keyword”. By centering it around a “word” that will be searched for frequently you will have lots of traffic and followers within a short period of time.


Happy Hunting




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