Let’s all Opt-in on a great future and a thriving life. Leaving the Opting-out to someone else.


Being involved in something bigger than you have is one way to choose your opt-in.


You can choose to opt-in on changing your life and living how you want. Do you know how?  I thought I was until I looked around and said there has to be more.  I found there are many ways to achieve this.  I just needed some guidance and a path for me to learn with.  I found a plan with eight core steps that give you that guidance and set you on a new path.

CLICK HERE to see it for yourself.


Listen below the surface of what you are looking at: “what they mean by what they say”, analyze things a little more. Really see what people are saying. Learn to choose the right from the wrong.


Paint Your Own Painting


Learn how to paint your own painting! One door closes, another one opens, opt-in to make room to receive more.



Don’t let unexpected events throw you off course.  Rather, respond calmly and confidently, remembering the Lord is with you on your journey.  When things grab your attention, sit back, think about it and ask if it is in your painting, or needs to be.



“The big cop-out would be to accept popularity rather than opting to try to create potent work. It’s so easy to do the popular thing, the expected thing, and that’s where you start to cheat yourself – and your fans, in the end – because there’s an inherent dishonesty in pandering and dishing up what everyone’s expecting.”
The Edge


“It is quite amazing how hard the subconscious works when it is made to understand that this life is not a rehearsal, there is no safety net and no assurance of any final closure. It is also quite appalling to realize how catatonic the imagination can become when we hedge our bets, opt for the safer direction at every fork in the path.”
John Burdett

“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have—life itself.” ~Walter Anderson


Now for the Opt-out


If you choose to opt-out of anything remember to keep track, it might bite you later when you really need to grow and know something new.  I learned that the hard way.


Otherwise the only thing you might think about is when the opt-out is for your protection or piece of mind. For me having a business online we use our devices for everything. Here is one little tidbit to know if you are on Verizon:


How to opt out of Super Cookie tracking


Stop resisting the opt-in and choosing to opt-out.
The word ‘No’ is like an axe in the tree.
If you have:       Don't Axe your Tree

No blog
No email
No webinar
No training

Where do you end up?
With all of these NO’s, the tree will come down and your growth will die. Your comfort zone can be your failure.


Come learn how to grow and choose your opt-ins and your opt-outs with thought and meaning.
Sandy  Yes I Can






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 Please share with me your story and by all means ask me more.

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