Do You like to read?


I will be honest and tell you that reading was not my favorite thing to do.   I thought it took too long and I would skip through to get the point of what it was talking about.


Yes, I skipped through it. skipping


Why do you have to read every word?


Why are there no pictures to tell you the story?


Are you following me?


Remember all the books you needed to read in school, not just textbook, but ones for English like the Great Gatsby?


OK,  got your attention now!


But do you want to know what I found?


I joined Empower Network, and one of the eight core commitments is to read for at least 30 minutes a day.  Yes reading.  It didn’t really matter what you read just as long as you were reading.


I thought OK, I can do that.  I had some books around the house that I wanted to read.


Guess what?  Reading got easier and I wanted to read every word.  And as time went on I was looking for books to read.  Things that could fill my brain with new and exciting things to do or way to act.


I found books on talent, books on inspiration,  books on motivation.


One book in particular that I am reading now is“Start with Why”  by Simon Sinek.   The main point is Why are you doing something?


Another one that I am dabbling in is “The Dream Manager”  by Matthew Kelly.  How he takes a broken down business of a cleaning company and turns it into a thriving business where the employees are begging to work there.  Yes I said cleaning company.  You know the ones that clean the bathrooms in corporate buildings.


Then there are books like “The book of Affirmations” by Noah St.John.    This one you can pick out chapters to read at a time.   It is a wonderful book to help you set your goals.


I could go on and on, my bookshelf is become to look more like a library because I have gathered so many good books.


One final one to share is the “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene.  This book helps you deal with many different kinds of people and how to control your power and come out on top.


BooksSo,  What are you Reading today?


Do you have more to share with me?


I would love to get more ideas,  please comment below.





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