L is for Leads.     What do you think when you hear that word?


 Is you first thought…… people?


If you have a business or a blog then you should know that leads are your followers and potential buyers. Do you have trouble generating a huge list of those?


I did and I will tell you it is always something that we need to work on. If you do not have buyers how do you make money?


I want to share a few things that I have found that might help you too.


How to create a list…….by Lisa Torres

How To Automatically Build A List of Hungry Buyers From Google & Social Media With Credit Card In…


 How to Sell to Anybody

http://www.TheAcademyofPositiveChange… This video is the second part of the top 10 things that the best performers do on a consistent, if not daily basis. It’s fun, entertaining and most of all you can apply the steps immediately to increase your productivity and be the automator of what you do.



A great lesson to keep in mind when collecting Leads.


Law #19: Know who you’re dealing with, Do not offend the wrong person


There ae many different kinds of people in the world, and you can never assume that everyone will react to your strategies in the same way. Deceive or outmaneuver some people and they will spend the rest of their lives seeking revenge. They are wolves in lambs’ clothing. Choose your victims and opponents carefully, then, never offend or deceive the wrong person.


In your rise to power you will come across many breeds of opponent, sucker, and victim. The trick is to distinguish the wolves from the lambs, the foxes from the hares, and the hawks from the vultures. If you succeed with this you will not have to coerce anyone too much. Being able to recognize types of people, and to act accordingly, is critical.


Here are five types that are the most dangerous and difficult.

  1. The Arrogant and Proud Man. This type will over react to the slightest thing. If you sense an oversensitive and overactive pride, flee quickly. It is not worth hoping for something from them.
  2. The Hopelessly Insecure Man. Their ego is fragile, sense of self insecure,   if the feel deceived or attacked, the hurt will simmer. The attack will be slow and long-lasting. Do not stay anywhere near, for you will be nibbled to death.
  3. Suspicion. Only sees what he wants. Imagines that everyone is after him.
  4. The Serpent with a Long Memory. These types show no anger on the surface, yet when in a position to turn the tables, they attack with coldness and are unaffectionate.
  5. The Plain, Unassuming, and Often Unintelligent Man. These types are tempting to go after, but they are a lot harder to deceive than you imagine. These types do not fall for the bait, because they are unaware. They will not harm or seek revenge, they just waste your time, energy, resources, and even your sanity.


The ability to measure people and to know who you’re dealing with is the most important skill of all in gathering and conserving power. Without it you are blind: You will only offend the wrong people, you will choose the wrong types to work on, and will think you are flattering when you are actually insulting.


Study people’s weaknesses, the chinks in their armor, and areas of both pride and insecurity. Never rely on your instincts. Study and spy on your opponent for however long it takes.



Never trust appearances. Anyone with a serpent’s heart can use a show of kindness to cloak it.



Gathering a big list of leads to send information and updates to, is a vital part of any business, big or small. Learning how to do it right will keep your business flowing for a long time.


What do you think when you hear that word?



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