“When life gives you lemons, make grape juice! Then sit back and watch as the world wonders how you did it!” ‘unknown author’


A great lesson to be learned.


I read this on my journey today and just had to share. I have been listen to others share how they have accomplished things,  (you to can listen when you join the inner circle.)  It is so true that we are all individuals that have something to share and we all have creativity that others want. Learning how to create that can be a life changer.



This is your brain talking:   I don’t think I can do, it is just out of my reach, and so your brain wonders and complains. You see that it is given before you, it is handed to you. But you still think it’s hard, your brain doesn’t want to work for it.


How far do you have to go before you say “Its time, I’m tired and want a change.” keep reading.


Are you making that grape juice?

Things do not make a lot of sense sometimes, but they do work. Wake up, turn around and look at what you have to give to others. Don’t be bitten by the snake and suffer. That is the temptation that talks you out of things.




Do YOU want to know how to make that grape juice out of lemons?


First off you need to get started. You need to take action! keep reading….



Ask Your Neighbor: If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?

The idea of this ‘squid’ channel and its use to create a place for in-depth discussion is really great! Hopefully this question sparks conversation and produces some more useful insight. Sharing our experiences and hearing those of others helps in shaping a deeper understanding of ourselves.

 Read more and see lots of comments:https://disqus.com/home/channel/squid/discussion/channel-squid/ask_your_neighbor_what_would_you_tell_your_past_self/



Once you find something that you seem to like, do not quit before you finish. Here is what can happen:



College Runner Loses Race Because he Started Showboating Too Early

College runner Tanguy Pepiot thought he had a race locked up over the weekend and started celebrating before the finish line. This was a bad idea.




If you have never thought about what is truly important to you and how you can be creative enough to take lemons and make grape juice, then here is some advice I would like to share.


Let The Battery Die

The one thing that truly connects us as humans is our constant pursuit of happiness. But in this day and age, the other thing that seems to connect us all is the device in our pockets. Unfortunately, these two things are at odds, creating a modern paradox that leaves us stressed out, bleary-eyed, and never happy enough. While we expend so much energy trying to achieve a sense of balance, the constant alerts, notifications, and check-ins make this nearly impossible.

It’s time for a break.

This weekend, take some time away from your favorite (and/or your least favorite, if you’re a negative Nancy) devices and focus on what’s important: everything else. In fact, don’t just take a break, but take your phone or tablet or computer or PalmPilot or GameBoy and let the battery die. Completely. Then put it away somewhere you’ll remember (because you won’t be able to call it later) and forget about it. Take a walk with your family. Read a book. Cook something. Watch a neighbor’s TV through a telescope. That last one’s not in the spirit of things, but if you insist on watching something, that’s how it should be done.

Read more:   http://digg.com/2015/let-the-battery-die




When life gives you lemons, make grape juice! Then sit back and watch as the world wonders how you did it! ‘unknown author‘


We all want to make money and have a life, right?


What do you need to make that happen?   Are you turning lemons into grape juice?

Let me know what you can do in the comments below.



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Are you serious about making something happen in your life?  Take action NOW 

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