Being a Master and Commander of Me takes commitment and discipline.

(M is for Master)

If you answered the following question truthfully, do you feel guilty or say that will never happen.


How would you fill in this question? “If I’m good to myself, _____________.”


Do you take compliments with a thank you and reflect on it that is you. What do you see in the mirror? Is it the same as what others see?


Does the mirror talk back and give you advice like in the fairytale? Is it your real reflection or your negative reflection of what lies you have been telling yourself.


I will tell you right now, quit doing that!


Come and learn how to set your affirmations the correct way and to tie them into your goals.


Can I share a few things with you that will help you with being the “Master and Commander of Me”, meaning “YOU”?


Write down what you want and where you want to be. Be specific and accurate, right down to the detail. Then say it every day, in the morning and at night.


Soon you will start to see changes. Others will start seeing the things you are asking yourself!   Take your complements and reflect on them.




Get rid of the negative and build a positive NEW you.


Master and Commander of Me


Use these:


Why am I so confident?

Why do I love feeling so confident?

Why am I so capable?

Why am I so comfortable being Who I Really Am?


Why do I attract more than enough in my life?

Why am I good enough, even though I’m not perfect?

Why am I perfectly equipped to do what I’m here to do?

Why am I so loved?


Why is it ok to love myself?

Why is it ok to treat myself well?

Why did God create perfection in me?

Why is it easy for people to get to know and like me?


Why am I respected?

Why do I let others see my worth and value?

Why do I see only the best in myself and in others?

Why am I allowed to do all I really want to in this life?




By being the Master and Commander of Me,  takes good affirmations, which is a statement of something you want to be true in your life.



Here is an example.


“I am good enough!”


Does your mind really believe in what you are trying to tell yourself? Most likely it has lots of doubts.


Not everyone responds to the affirmations they keep saying over and over, day in and day out. Their minds just don’t seem to respond. Why?


Did you know that your mind is always asking questions? It is constantly searching and calculating. It doesn’t like responding to statements.


Don’t tell, when you should ask! Even the Bible says “Ask and you shall receive “.


First ask yourself what your problems are. Any problem is simply a question that hasn’t been answered yet.


Your mind works on automatic, it is a wonderful tool. When you ask it a question it shifts into a mode to search for an answer.


Being the “Master and Commander of Me” is for me to change the statements of what I am saying to myself, but it will not change the way I want, if I forget to change the questions I also ask myself.

Be The best you can be.



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