Learning How To Talk and Gaining Trust With Others.

Are you shy or can you strike up a conversation with anyone?

Do you like to feel like you are part of the group?

 Where do you go to make new friends or learn something new?

How confident are you going into an interview or moving into a new neighborhood?   cold Calling


I have a few pointers that can help in learning how to talk and gain trust with others.

When you can ask a new acquaintance questions about their life, work, and/or interests, they chatter away happily; but ask nothing in return. It’s like you were not even there.   You have nothing of interest to them. Conversations that I know go both ways.

They do not realize that life is all about asking questions? The age of new technology has made them look for information instead of asking other for it.

If you meet a person and fail to ask any questions, the result will likely be:

  • You will not learn anything new.
  • The person you met will likely walk away with a bad impression.
  • You will not make a meaningful connection.

This post has some exercises for us to do in order to help break out and learn how to talk with others.

 It’s Time to Start Talking to Strangers


  1. Ditch the Crutches. Leave your close friends and co-workers
  2. Do some research.   I don’t always ask questions for fear that they might ask something back that I don’t know.
  3. Introduce yourself properly. “HI, my name is Sandy Mangis, I am a Network Marketer for Empower Network from Spokane Washington, and right now I am working on gathering ideas to write about in my blog.
  4. Prepare Generic Questions: What do you think…, What are you doing on ….. Where do you think the industry is going?, Do you have any career advice for someone like me?
  5. Ask Questions on what you’ve heard. Listen first to what they said to you.
  6. Communicate interest with Your Body. Look at them.
  7. Practice and Get Feedback. Ask

Read more:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/karen-frankola/millennials-its-time-to-s_b_7096108.html?ir=Business


How to Make Small Talk With Strangers | The Art of Manliness


Here are ten tips to help you when you become stuck in a circumstance that isn’t too pleasing.


Have you ever been there?   I know I have!

10 Tips To Help You Get Unstuck From Your Circumstances

This article is great and gives you good ideas to help you work your way out of things.

read more: http://thoughtcatalog.com/ayodeji-awosika/2015/04/10-tips-to-help-you-get-unstuck-from-your-circumstances/


Did your mama ever tell you not to talk to strangers?

Well how are we to meet new people and learn from others if we never talk to strangers?

Listen here and you can see why you should.

 Why You Should Talk to Strangers: Robbie Stokes, Jr. at TEDxFSU


In the world of Network Marketing we are always in the need to find new people, Our warm market is only so big, so learning how to get out of our shell and start that conversation with others is important.


I came from a small town where every body knew everybody, so it seemed easy to talk to people.   It wasn’t until I went to college and then started a career that I needed to reach out and see what people were like.

When you learn how to talk and gain trust with others your life starts to open up and a new world is born.

It’s fun,   come ahead and try,



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