Viewing value


What value do you see when you look around?   What do you see and what is in your view? People, places, things ?


viewingIf you stop what you are doing and really look you will see that everything has some kind of value!


I am on my way to an inspirational convention and I really cannot to wait to get there.  


But, today I am stuck in an Airport.  My connecting flight has been delayed for 40 minutes.  That is past the three hours that I had to wait already.


So the problem is what do you do with your time?  What does your inner spirit come up with.  


Finding a restaurant that isn’t full already can be a trick.  It really depends on how hungry you are.  You can pick up a deli sandwich.  Oh, looking at the choices you wonder how long they have been there.


Ummmm.  What do you do?


Do you just breathe and go with the flow?


Having a inner spirit that is sound and peaceful enough have the ability to sit back and breathe.


Oh I know what to do!, you people watch!  There is quite a lot of value to learn from viewing other peoples behavior.  viewing


It is quite fun to notice the ones that fly a lot and the ones who are new to this kind of adventure.


There are ones in a huge hurry and others who just kind of stroll along. There are ones with little children and others in wheelchairs.


Have you ever just sat and watched people.  Think about all the value you can get just viewing their behaviors.  


Since we are in for the long wait.  Noticing the people around me, I see two reading actual books, one reading on a kindle, three dug out their laptops, about ten or so have their cell phone just typing away.


Its fun to watch them, they smile, grin, and really get into the conversation with whomever they are talking to.  We have a few others chatting together.  


Then you have the one next to me that had to find the outlet because his phone died.   


We have others that found food.   Mostly junk food, but I do see a sandwich, so she must have found a fresh one..  


No matter where you look you will always find a coffee usually Starbucks, for they love to be in airports.  I myself got a water and some Swedish fish.  A little sugar that I know I will regret later.


Now for the other differences is see.  Clothing is kind of comical.   How many times have you flown?  Most people are in comfy clothing, you know the kind that you wear she. You have to sit for a long time in.  


Others think it a fashion show and where the high heels and suits.  OK, maybe they were at a convention and didn’t get a chance to change!  Or, not me but maybe they like to be in those kind of clothes all the time?


One thing that I haven’t seen yet in my traveling day is someone curled up on a bench sleeping,  but it is still early.


I really feel for the mothers and fathers who are carrying small children.  I remember those days.  Luckily none of them are screaming yet.  Again it is still early.


OK, now you ask, what value do you get out of all of this?


You can learn a lot from people.  We are all unique.  We all have something to give.  We are what makes the world go round.  What would it be like if we were all the same, only liked the same things?


That wouldn’t be any fun.  It would get quite boring.


We need to be different, we need to feed off of others and their experiences.  We need the differences to survive and to know that we are an individual that has value to give to others.  That is our story.


Learn how to sit and view others for their value.  Learn what is important and how we all can give to others.


The life lesson is learn how to be yourself and show others who you are and what you have to offer.


Finding and viewing the power of people can give you a new belief in who you are!



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