Winning vs Whimpering


Do you strive to win every day? Or do you whimper and whine and say they have it why can’t I?



Are you part of an outstanding winning team? Or are you just one awesome person?



What is and how does it make you feel when you win?



It is hard work to really win. I think so! You have to put in the time and the effort. You need to break free from your bondage and shackles. Get out of the jar you put yourself in.



I struggled, I was frustrated, I didn’t like where I was at and how life was going. I thought I was stuck and thought I needed to just live with it. Go with the flow and everything will be all right. Who is with me?




winning vs whimperingDid you know that when you go with the flow, you end up like the school of fish or shrimp that got eaten by the whale? When you are in the kind that do whatever the others are doing so you get eaten also?




As my struggle went on I learned I had an escape, someone to poke holes in the lid of my jar so I could breathe. How to be in a winning and great group. I also learned how to be the ‘winning individual’. It’s like having the steps and tools to walk through and help others you connect with, you can win every day.




Do you whine or win when completing a project?



Within a group or not, remember the relief that you felt when that final chapter was done or the last touches were completed. Then the only thing on your mind was the final grade that you would get.



I wasn’t a straight ‘A’ student, but I put my all into it, which I hope you do to. I have learned that the final grade really does not come from the teacher, but from inside of you. You are the final winner.




Do you win or whine when accomplishing a goal?



Do you set goals for yourself up to improve and strive for what you want? Goals are so important. Learning how to set them correctly can be a little tricky. I thought I knew but I couldn’t figure out why they never seemed to come through!



I found more tools to open my eyes to what I was doing wrong.

  Pass the test


How do you strive to win every day, without whining?




Is it winning a game or a competition? Not everyone likes to be in competitions. You can feel like a failure or you feel others put you down because you were not like them. Do you wanted to know what I think? It’s their loss for not seeing you for whom you are!



Is winning just finding something that can make you happy?



What do you have to do to be a winner?





What does it feel like?



I remember when I was young. I was lanky and the tallest girl in my class for a few years. That did not have all the advantages as some might think. By being tall, people thought that you were able to do lots of things.


Not the case. I was a horrible runner, and when I jumped I landed funny because my knees would give out. You know how bad that hurt?


I also hated it when you were expected to be something that you couldn’t be, well do you know how I felt? Left out, having to do it on my own, not a part of the innnnnn crowd.





Do you have a vision? Do you know where you want to go? Or are you stuck, don’t know how to escape and just want to explode?



The lesson for the day.



In the jar I found a way to give yourself the win. It’s inside of you and nobody can take that away. You teach yourself how to grow and how to expand your heart so big that you overflow with your winning spirit.



I found it in Empower Network’s inner circle product. A must when you need to win and escape. I learned to stop whining and make something good out of all the things I was doing.



Find the winning team inside of you? Fill your brain with the right things and find your way to escape and explode in the best way!


To you success!



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P.S. It’s time for YOU to take control of your life starting right here and now!  Come see what tools and inspiration that I can give to you.  It’s up to you to change and that begins NOW.

2 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With Winning vs Whimpering And How to Fix It

  1. I like to alternate between winning and whining, although I have to admit that winning is way more fun than whining. Whining gets boring fast and there is always the inevitable wisecrack of “You want some cheese with that whine?”
    I’ll skip the whine and go straight for some of the delicious French cheese.
    It’s late. I am rambling. Thank you for the encouraging post.

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