That is what I feel like today. I think it is still a little jet-lag and lack of sleep catching up with me.
I had such a great weekend at a Networking conference; that is if you could call it one. It included some great speakers, some motivation, some socializing, some partying, and some mind exploding with all the great information that came from it.


The yelling part comes from when I get back to civilization. Getting back to the monotony of the everyday same, everything the same kind of mentality. I will tell you I want more. I want my everyday to be like the conference was.


I can see my life changing, but not fast enough. You know when you can see change and want it so bad that you have it in your head, have it in everything you do and when things get in your way you just want to YELL!


OK, Here is an exercise for all.

Stand up straight, put your arms out,




(oh, make sure you are outside)
take in a deep breathe and




Wait for it





Do you feel better?

I know I do, and now its time to get back to work.
Enjoy your day

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