What do you do to Rewind and get a fresh start in your Business?



Do you ever have a problem of being overwhelmed and feeling like the piles on your desk or even the piles of laundry or dust bunnies are getting so large that you do not know where to start?   You know what you need to do, and you have all these ideas, but you keep piling on more.


You just want to scream with frustration, if you are like me you brain just keeps thinking and whatever you try to do takes longer than you want and just doesn’t quite look right.


That is when you need a break!


Yes I know you have a lot to do and when is it going to get done if you leave it?


Let me tell you, just go for a few hours and refresh and rewind. You will feel so much better and things will start to flow again.


Here is what I did!


Today was a day to clear my head and do something relaxing. We all need to do that for is it good for the body and the soul. Not to mention the mind.


You can call it spring cleaning or maybe a quick short vacation.


What did I do?


I went with my family and took the boat out on the lake and went fishing!  relaxing


Now some might agree with me and some might say oh that is boring. But let me share with you why it can be a great way to rewind and refresh.



Just imagine going out on a quiet little lake in the middle of nowhere.   Getting your pole all set with your bait. This wind is calm, no waves to rock the boat. You drop you line in the clear water and watch it sink down to the bottom. I am so glad I put that bright colored hook on it so I can watch it go down.



relax Now that I am set, I have the chance to sit and put my feet up. Close your eyes for a moment, can you hear the birds chirping and the water splashing up against the shore?



You look up and you see nature on the hill side, if you look hard enough it can tell you a story. Here is a picture of a tree that ended its life, can you rewind and see when it was standing tall and looking over the little lake? refresh





The anticipation of that little nibble on the other end of the hook can clear your head of all the other troubles around us. You for a moment forget the rest of the world. You have accomplished your task of refreshing and relaxing.



Do you feel the calm of the surroundings dwelling inside of you yet? If not you are not trying hard enough to relax.   This is the time to spend with you family, you have them all together and time to communicate about anything.  



For example my son, he loves to change his hook on the line almost every five minutes, just not catching fish fast enough. My husband is in charge of the motor keeping us on the spot if the anchor didn’t hold.


It seems like everyone has their own little way to fish. But in the end when you finally hook that fish and real it in, the excitement is the thrill of the day.




For me, today was time to refresh and go fishing with my family, for you there can be many things, just look around and see what it is that is different and find something to clear your head so when you do come back to the piles you made on your desk, you can tackle them with ease and accomplishment.



Hope you enjoyed my story today. 



Now come and make your own. I have learned how to be more compassionate with our viral blogging program than I ever did with any thing else and it has given me ways to tell a great story that can help any business grow.



How about you?


Change starts right now. Do you want to Learn? Check out the banner below.


How do you find you ways to refresh and rewind in your business?



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3 thoughts on “Rewinding your Business for a Fresh Start, Go Fishing

  1. I’m not much of a fisherwoman – but I do love a day of still water and nature around me (although the Australian flies do their best to bug me while I’m at it!)

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