Motivation is the key to finding the energy to get started on any project. Big or small it takes that motivation to kick us in the butt and get us going.


Have you every had one of those days where you just do not feel like doing anything, you wish you could just crawl into a corner with a blanket and zone out for a while. You have no energy to do what is needed to be done.


You feel stumped and forgotten! You feel tired and worn out!


How am I going to get my self up and find the answer to where I need to be and how I am going to do what it is that needs to be done.


Better yet, what is it that I need to do. You just want to swallow up and let the world pass you by.


I have had many days like that and today is one of them. I had a really bad dream and not the best sleep, so I want to share somethings that will help you come up from the depths and give you the energy needed to find that motivation.


Watch this, put in your earphones and concentrate on what you are watching. Feel the atmosphere that is been portrayed and really get into it.



  1. The Best Motivation Video 2015 – EFFORT

    Anytime you can be pulled into an event or with others to gain the energy flow from them is a great feeling.

    I just came home from a Live Event and you are on a high for days afterwords. Learning how to keep that high and pull yourself up everyday does not have to be that hard.

    Come and see how I get my motivation from the audios and continued training available.

    Everyday could be an event day if you choose this path.

  2. Best Motivational Video – Speeches Compilation 1 Hour Long

    I have this as something to return to everyday. Just listening to others  kicks me in the butt and remind me that there is more out there, there is more that I can have.

    Do Not let your surroundings and other people drag you down, pull you into their little world, when you can have it all.

    Find that energy and get your motivation off to the races and catch up with the riches of life.




One more thing that seems to be a great Idea that I also wanted to share.


Projects to Get you Motivated.


I just love this Idea about the sticky notes.   That is definitely me.  


Keeping track of what you are doing and planning ahead will help keep you on the right path and not overwhelm you motivation. Your plan is there and all you have to do is follow it.


Now besides the sticky notes, go and get a pin-up board and pin all your visions on it.   Put it in a place that you see everyday,   Just start it, what can it hurt.   Don’t make those excuses. That is a motivation killer right there.


Here is a link that can give you a few more ideas for keeping tabs on where you need to be and on track to where you want to be.  They are even right on Bananas.



When you fill your mind with things to do everyday, you always seem to have a purpose. You always know that what you do makes a difference, not only to you but to those around you!


Go out and motivate others and you will find that your own energy will be on fire. Just knowing that you help another will keep your motivation going.




 What I Learned From Noise Equivalent Power

Little Known Secrets that Will Give You Permission to Shine In Your Business

Again on Motivation


Come and get your motivation everyday by engaging yourself in our products.  It’s like being at an event everyday.  SEE THE BANNER BELOW

5 thoughts on “How to Get Your Motivation and Energy Going, Even On Your Bad Day

  1. Awesome post, Sandy! I have bookmarked this as I’ll be referring to it often. I’m going to start working on my vision board tomorrow! I’ve heard about them and I’ve always wanted to do them. I honestly don’t know why I held off. It’s high time I stopped making excuses! Thanks for sharing.

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