Have you found something that will help you gain strength and power from within your core?


Is it Truth or Hype?


Have you ever had your life running smoothly, so you thought and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, KaWam! It hits…..and you are turned upside down and not sure how or which direction you need to go.


I Have been there, Have you? do you know what I am talking about?


Have you lost your strength and think that all opportunities are gone?


When I started my new career, I did it because the KaWam had hit me, I needed a change, my life was being challenged. I needed my jar, of what I called life, to be unscrewed and opened. I needed the holes to breathe.


I was in a state of mind that needed to see things of where I wanted to go and do things that I only thought about in my dreams.


Then it hit. I found a place for me, but to really get there I needed to learn a few things to set me in the right direction.


Is it Truth or Hype?


Here are some tips, and read on to see what else I learned.


  1. Start Off Strong at Your New Job by Looking for Quick Win

    “Ask yourself: What are areas of opportunity in which you can quickly make an impact? How can you make that impact visible? Are these areas in line with the company’s priorities? Are you equipped to succeed in taking on these tasks? …opt for those that will be quick enough to execute and show immediate impact (think less than three months out). Make sure you align with your manager and are in a position to deliver on the quick wins you’re setting out to complete.”


    Anytime you choose to start something new, it can be job or a new career, it takes time to really know what you are doing and how it all works. Yes you are excited and inspired to have this new opportunity in front of you, take what you know and learn from within.

    One of the biggest failures that I see is when someone starts all gun hoe and says “yes here I am” this is for me and look where I am going.

    Do you read all the material?

    Do you go through the whole program to really know what it is that you have in your hands?

    If you are still struggling and don’t know why, well there is one of your answers. Do not give up just yet and say that wasn’t for you or it doesn’t work.

    Keep trying, push on, don’t stop, until you have gone through it all and build your strength enough to show others the opportunity that you have found.






  2. Spend Your First 30 Days at a New Job Learning the Business Instead of Making Changes

    You might be eager to start contributing right away and fixing everything wrong that you see. That intention is good, but tread lightly. As a new hire, you won’t have the historical context about why a policy or process may or may not need fixing.

    You might be ready to tackle all, and say I can do this and I can do that. When you look at what others are doing, you might think there is an easier way. Do you like what they did, do you think it needs fixed?

    Ask yourself, are they the ones making the money or are you?

    It’s often said that the best leaders are the ones who jump into a new job and don’t make any changes until they’ve had time to learn how everyone does their job first.




When is the last time you changed jobs, or started one of your own with high expectations about the opportunity you have been given?


Did you know everything there was to know? Probably not, because you were not in it before, so how can you judge?


How can you capitalize on your problems and turn them around to help you take the best opportunities from them and actually use it to you advantage.


Core strength, what is it and how does it work. It is when you know what you are doing from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. It comes from your heart and leads you to your vision.


Empower network is my opportunity and with it I am gaining strength. Strength is now in my core.

Is it Truth or Hype?



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3 thoughts on “Hacks That Can Give You The Opportunities and Strength That You Need When Starting Something New

  1. I can totally relate to these points in your blog Sandy. Particularly about waiting 30 days before making changes. It pays to be patient and people will thank you for it. Good tips, thank you

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